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Must Read: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 26

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part Twenty Five, read it HERE!!!

After a hard day’s kponkpon, the thought of Paapa’s place comes to mind.

“make we go take igboh na” Man suggested. “mehn na true oh, e don tay wey i shark igboh oh, since two days now” I replied.

I, Man, Snoop and Tupac were off to Paapa’s place.

“Tupac, what of Bigie na, i never see am since today, where him go?” Man asked, “him travel go him village dis morning, but him go come back tomorrow” Tupac responded.

We were puffing, puffing to forget our sorrows, puffing to forget our pains, puffing to bring joy into our lives.

“una know say, i fit become the president of Nigeria?” I suddenly said.

“hahahahahaha!! No dey make me laugh jor, how u wan take be President? who u be? Who u know?” Tupac said. “i be Flow, i know Baba God and i go win if i come out for next election” i was’nt sure if i said that or the “igboh in me” said that. “how u think say u go win, u get god father? u get money? Which political party u dey?” Man was asking uncountable questions.

“imagine say i call my party FLOW PEOPLE’S PARTY(FPP), how u see am?” I said, “e go make sense oh, when u dey campaign, u go share igboh for everybody say make dem vote for u, even the Logo of ur party go be picture of igboh” Snoop said.

“And ur Party slogan go be; FLOW PEOPLE’S PARTY!!! IGBOH FOR ALL” Man said causing an atmosphere of laughter.

In a country where dreams never comes through, in a country where the Youths never ascends the throne of power, in a country where corruption is the in thing. A brother is Dreaming to serve his Nation, a brother is promising to flush corruption. If only he would be given a chance. Like the saying goes: “if wishes were horses, even FLOW will ride”.

Why i loved Igboh was that, it not only brings out the best in you, it makes you dream big. And it makes you put in your best in whatever you do.

Oh!! How i wish our political office holders were all Igboh smokers, this Nation would have been a better place, because they would put in their best to serve the Nation.

Saturday came like every other day.

“Flow lead us in prayer” Pkc said during morning devotion.

“Lord thank You for our lives, thank You for the good things You have done for us, thank You for our daily bread, yes, we know we are sinners, have mercy on us and deliver us from evil, in Jesus name………… Amen” i said a short and sharp prayer.

“i told u guys that we will be going to the market to buy some foodstuff, and 2days ago i mentioned that we will be contributing 1000naira each. Here is mine” Pkc said stamping a 1000naira note on the floor.

I also stamped mine, Brainbox brought out his own 1000naira and dropped it, Man did the same, so did Tega and Snoop. But when it was time for Baba jay to bring out his own contribution, the story changed, “ehnnn, una know say i no dey do any work, and i get so many problem wey i need to settle for sch, make una help me abeg, i know say una dey try for me” Baba jay said wearing a “pity” face. “Baba jay nobody wey no get problem for sch oh, i no come here come feed person oh” Brainbox said.

“shebi i don tell u before make u follow me go do kponkpon, u say u be Old man and u no get strength to do that kin work, make i tell u, e get one guy wey dey do kponkpon with us him name na Igbakwambo, the guy go senior u by far, d guy get two pekin sef” Man said. “pls forget about Baba jay, we are his Brothers to help him no matter the situation” Pkc said.

“now, the two persons that will go to buy the things in the market are Flow and Brainbox” Pkc said.

My Oh my!! Flow and Brainbox that blends together like Bread and butter.

My prayer was that Brainbox shouldn’t try L102 in Ekonunwa market. Or else?

To Be Continued…

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