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Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 17

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“You are lucky to be among the few given a second chance by our great God, for i see nothing on this scroll right in front of me. Live a good life and let the light and peace from God dwell with you.” The gentle voice said and I felt a gentle pull on me.

”Eeh see this fine girl already killed by God knows who, people are wicked. What would she have done to deserve death?” a passerby said as he shook his head among a small crowd forming where I laid helplessly in my own pool of blood.

“Poor girl, such a beauty, life is unfair. Who would have killed her? Even if she wronged anyone is that why they killed her? This kind of death would never knock on our door step, if only she could just wake up now. May the wicked never go unpunished” a woman in her late fifties said wiping her tears with her wrapper.

“Good morning, abi name good afternoon, okay able wetin happen for here?” a young female hawker asked a man near her, as she dropped her tray of oranges down.

“My sister, and one girl wey they kill o, police wey we even call for more than three hours sef, never gree…..” the man didn’t complete his statement as he took to his heels With the rest of the crowd as they saw a sudden Movement where I laid?.

“H……. He…lp me” I said feeling weak and exhausted as I was losing consciousness again, but was suddenly lifted and carried to a call.

“So, doctor that is what happened” I heard a masculine voice as I regained consciousness.

“Goodness, she’s finally awake. Glory, are you alright now? I have called Nicholas already, he would get here soon” a familiar voice said to me.

“Dr Anita, are you out of your mind? Why disturb a sleeping patient?” “Doctor Bayo asked with a Stern expression.

‘”Glory?” Nicholas barged into the room looking like a mad man.

“Who the hell is this one and what is he doing here?” Doctor Bayo questioned.

“My God, baby who did this to you?” Nicholas fell on his knees and started crying.

“Please I need you all to leave. I would like to examine my patient” Doctor Bayo said pushing every one out of the room.

Five years later, I got down from a cab looking exhausted as I knocked on the gate to my house.

“Is oga, at home now?” I asked the gate and as he opened the gate for me.

“Yes ma, he came home early today looking happy” he answered.

” Thanks Tobin, and the kids? Are they home now?” I asked as I strolled into the compound.

“Yes ma, brother Kelvin brought them around two ma.” he said politely.

“Okay, hope you have eaten? Get, Nkechi, to give you something to eat if you haven’t” I said as I opened the door to the living room.

“Mummy, mummy” my three years old twins, Taiye and Tayo greeted me with giggles as they jumped on my body.

“This kids would fall you one day with your overload if not soon” Nicholas said excitedly as he came to give me a hug.

“Welcome sweetness, how did the seminar go?” he asked, as he led me to a couch and pecked me on the head as I sat down.

“It was fine my love, you won’t believe I bumped into Believe today. She went on her knees in front of everyone and apologized. She is now a born again Christian, the three years she spent in jail changed her completely. To God, be the Glory” I said yawning

“She better be. Honey, I missed you, do and put to birth na” Nicholas said kissing my eight months pregnancy.

“Sis, welcome o. I thought you have given birth already since you didn’t come on time, I just uploaded on Facebook that I am preparing pepper soup for my big Sis who just put to birth” Kelvin said and we all laughed.

***THE END***

To Be Continued…

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Dis iz d story i love most. Best ever Kudos bro

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