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Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 16

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“This world is cruel” a last tear rolled down my cold face and i breathed my last. Then felt my inner being, what is known as my soul leave my already lifeless body. I stood helpless beside my lifeless body crying uncontrollably and wanting to get back to my body but all my efforts were to no avail, then i saw an old man dressed in a white spotless robe with long grey beards, walk on the air from the thick clouds in the sky towards my body and used the staff on his hand to touch my body and the earth shook where i laid, and soon my body fell in the deep dark depths of the earth and that instant i noticed my surrounding changed, and i was on top of a moving cloud with the old man on another.

“Where am i?” i asked startled.

“You are dead and you are already on your way to be judged. I am Elesh a messenger and a transporter, more like a brother to death and it’s my duty to transport you and others to the sacred throne to be judged.” He said using his staff to draw a chain from his cloud to mine, then taking a look at a beeping information on his palm.

“There, goes another soul left with a minute before it becomes a corpse, follow me now, come, let us go pick him up”

“I know am a good person and am not suppose to be dead. Please, let me return back to my body” i pleaded.

“Shhh, be quiet” he said with a palm raised up, making my tongue cling to its palete.

“A war is about to ensue, i feel it. Hahahaha, useless mortals with fetish powers thinking they can go against the great Elesh” he said with a wide grin and pointed his staff to the earth and we decended to the earth, and started walking in the air to a big mansion owned by a wealthy occultic man who had a few seconds to breathe his last.

I saw the man’s four wifes and two children who were heirs to his devilish wealth, seated and crying with relations and friends to console them as he breathed his last.

“Come, come now, you wicked being, you no longer have a place on earth anymore” he said and as he tried touching the wealthy man’s body, a dark force appeared around him and eight men dressed in black appeared trapping the man’s soul.

“What?? This has never happened before, how dare you challenge the great Elesh?” He hit the earth with his staff and a great bolt of thunder hit the men hard and they vanished.

“Hahahaha, hahahahahaha. No one dares go against the great Elesh. Come now, you wicked soul, a place is prepared for you in the sun” he said and hit his staff against the earth and we were back on the clouds.

We journeyed on like that, taking good and bad souls of young and old people along with us.

“See there, is the sacred throne where you would be judged. It is called heaven, and the gate would come free if you are lucky, if you are partially lucky then you would be sent to Neptune known as purgatory to live for a period of time but if you are unlucky then my brother Felvussesh would give you a ride to the sun to dine and wine with the great liar, the devil.”He explained and pointed his staff forward and were soon on a line walking towards the judgement seat. Only few had smiles on their face as the gate of heaven opened for them.

“You see, over there. Those are the lucky ones, the ones being led to that wooden cart are the partially lucky ones while the ones led to that burning iron cart are the unlucky ones.” he explained further.

“The ones you see returning back this way before they get to the judgement throne, have being given a second chance to go back to earth” he said and disappeared back to his cloud waiting for new passengers to take back to earth.

Gradually it drew closer to my turn as the wealthy occultic man who was judged before me was sent to the burning iron cart, a young pregnant woman infront of me was not allowed to the judgement throne, so she was led back to Elesh to return to earth.

“Next! Gloria Omolara Adekunle? Please do come forward and be judged” a gentle voice said and i drifted to the throne with tears flowing down my bowed head.

*PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR NOT UPDATING YESTERDAY, AM SO SORRY ABOUT THAT. Now am scared o, where would Lara go? Heaven, hell or purgatory?

To Be Continued…

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