-Make Me Your Wife

Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 14

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Early the next morning, i felt a gentle touch on my cheek as i woke up yawning, openly my eyes i saw Nicholas lay by my side upon an elbow, watching me with a smile.

“Crazy night huh? You were amaz…ing and i couldn’t help ignoring those softness” he whispered and i wondered at first if am dreaming until he pulled me gently against him until my head rested on his chest.

“You! You lied?” i asked with my head raised so i could see his face.

“I did what i had to do so we could have a future of happiness together, and our future has just begun” He said and tried kissing me.

“You did? I despise you” i hissed vehemently and sprang to my knees, trying to leap from the bed but he caught me by my shoulder and cast me back on the bed gently and crawled ontop of me.

“Where did you think you were going?” he lowered his lips until mine but i bit tight my lips so his tongue could not have access to my mouth.

“Away, from a lying nit wit like you. I do not, want to have anything with you” i retorted and struggled but he refused letting go until his phone started ringing.

“Won’t you pick your call? Or is your conscience pricking you already?” i asked helplessly beneath him.

“Hahaha, look my dear wife, last night was a night to remember, knowing i broke your maiden head. Go on, clean up and get me something to eat” he said as he finally let go of me and walked towards the sofa Unclad and i just stared, longing for his body.

“Yes, my darling Rita, how are you and why disturb my honeymoon….a bad news?……okay, calm down and tell me what happened……What?? How? Why? When?….you are joking right?………….Okay put Ronke on the line…what do you mean she can’t talk?. Okay, am on my way there.” he ended the call and flung the phone on the bed beside me leaving me with the ‘what is wrong expression’.

“What is happened” i asked instantly.

“Mum and dad has been kidnapped and the kidnapper have called saying they want to speak with me” he said and hurried wore his trouser.

“What?? Mum and dad?” i asked shocked.

“Put on something if you want to go with me and be fast about it.” he said as he wore a grey t-shirt.

To Be Continued…

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