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Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part10

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I stormed into my office angry at Nicholas behaviour. “How could he? And what is wrong with him” was all i could utter.

“No this can’t happen, this isn’t happening” i got up from my seat and started to pace around in my small office thinking of what to do to Nicholas.

“Damn it” i hit my hand on my desk. “That guy is getting on my nerves, he called me a LovePeddler, now am his woman. Tell me how is that possible na? Why is this guy sent to destroy my life ehn?” i muttered.

“Gloria, the manager wants to see you immediately” Precious said as she entered my office, suprised at my mood.

“Tell him am not coming” i snarled.

“Babe, i said the manager, the CEO’s son is calling you” she said.

“And so? Abeg tell him am not coming. Or is it by force?” i asked with my eyes out.

“Okay o, i hear. Na you sabi” she said and left the office, two minutes i heard a knock on my door and i lifted my face to see who it was.

“Lara, why didn’t you obey the manager when he sent for you?” Mr Omonaiye questioned and i told him everything that happened.

“You mean, you and Nicholas don’t get on well?” he inquired.

“Sir, we are just being childish that’s all” i answered him.

“Okay i would do something about that. Now go and see him” He said and left my office.

“You sent for me” i said to Nicholas five minutes later.

“So you mean you wouldn’t have come if dad didnt tell you to?” he asked me with a stern look.

“So you told him then” i retorted.

“He was here when your reply was brought. What was that you did outside? You now hawk your body for those rats. How could you i trusted you with my life” Nicholas said.

“Do you have a life? Please tell me why you sent for me” i said.

“I love you” he said and looked into my eyes as if searching for my weakness. “I want you, i need you Glory, i want to make you my wife” his words pierce into my heart and soul.

“So, you want me to cry because you love me? See me see trouble o. Come, Dapo let this be the last time you’d open your mouth to tell me that thrash. Nothing on earth would make me look you” i said and tried walking out before he found out how i felt about him but he held me by my hand and yanked me back in such a way that our lips met and we were lost in a passionate kiss for almost five minutes.

“How dare you?” i finally said as he broke off the kiss.

“My love, i know you feel the same way i feel. I would arrange for my parents to meet yours tomorrow” Nicholas said.

“I don’t love you and i never would” i said and walked out of his office.

I felt my whole being trembling, i quickly sat on a chair and started crying.

“Pride, pride, why are you doing this to me? You know i love him so much. Stay away from me, i have to meet a counsellor” i said.

Later that evening, i got a call from Deborah who was crying.

“Nicholas? No na it’s not Nicholas. He can’t be the one” i screamed and got my parents and Kelvin running to my room.

“Omolara, my child what’s wrong?” My mum asked me.

“Ni…ni….nicholas, got in…involved in a ghastly motor accident” i stuttered and started crying again.

“Christ! How? When? Where? How did it happen? My mum asked shocked, already my dad has dialled the Omonaiye’s and have gotten the necessary information.

“Let’s not waste time here. Let’s go to the hospital right away” My dad said and we all rushed out on our night wears with my mum tying a wrapper round her chest.

On getting there, we met the Omonaiye’s too on their night wear, mother and daughter crying. I couldn’t hold back myself and so joined in the crying. Few minutes later, a female doctor came out and insisted on speaking with mr Omonaiye alone.

“Can i come too? He is also my son” my dad asked.

“Sure” The doctor replied.

In the office the doctor told them that Nicholas accident was very serious.

“You see, the accident affected both his eyes and his spine. Am sorry to inform you that he might not be able to see or walk again but he can with the help of an operation and it might cost millons” The doctor said.

When this was finally told us we all screamed “what??”

“My son, God why? Sell everything, sell the company. My son would not be a waste” Mrs Omonaiye cried, and knelt and held her husband’s trouser.

We were not allowed to see him that night but the next morning because he needed rest.

“Is she there?” Nicholas asked the doctor as he sat up.

“Yes, she is in a pitiable state. She still haven’t slept” The doctor said.

“You see, i told you she loves me. Hahahaha, this is wonderful, perfect plan. Me blind? Hahaha, let’s see how this game ends” Nicholas said and laid back on his bed.

To Be Continued…

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