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Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 9

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Early that morning i put a call through to Deborah telling her all that happened the previous day and she apologised on his behalf. I got busy with my morning chores thinking of nothing else but the guys that i have driven away from me in the past with my harsh words.

Just when i was contemplating on what to wear to the office that day, the door bell rang and Kelvin answered to it, few minutes later he came back with a frown.

“Sis, so you still haven’t dressed? Your boss and husband came to give you a lift.” kelvin said.

“Who?” i inquired thinking it’s one of his pranks again

“You heard me na. Your Nicholas is here” Kelvin replied with a grin.

“Look here, big head am not ready for your rubbish this morning. You hear me?” i warned him.

“And if am not lying, what would you get me?” Kelvin asked.

“I don’t have your time” i said and returned to my wardrobe.

“Sis, am not joking your boss is here” he said and left my room.

“Don’t let me get you o, you always do this everyday and i always let you go but not today. Am going to squeeze the life out of you when i get hold of you” i said angrily and pursued him into the sitting room.

“Whoa!!! Ta-da” Kelvin stopped and gave me the ‘i told you’ look.

“Oh my, my, my my goodness. Kel…vin you were right o” i stuttered looking at the figure in my front.

“Won’t you greet sis. Am going inside” Kelvin said and left the suprised Nicholas and me to stare at each other for some seconds.

“Miss Gloria?” Nicholas called out and i gained my senses back.

“Goodmorning sir, i didn’t expect to see you. I mean erm….what can i do for you sir?” i asked still suprised at Nicholas presence. “Is it possible? Has he come to apologised for his behaviour?” i thought to myself.

“I came to take you to the office, Deborah isn’t feeling too well, she made me promise to come pick you up. So you have five minutes” he said.

“Okay sir.” i said and rushed towards the door before he stopped me.

“One more thing, miss Gloria, make sure you put on a dress when you come out again” he said and gave me a stern look then looked away.

“Am sorry, you saw me this way sir. Like i said i never expected to see you here” i said and went to my room and changed from the towel i tied into a lovely black gown.

“Funny, she never expected to see me here, who then did she expect? How can she even give me such a reply with her towel on, oh those legs, that body is so curved and soft. Glory, why are you treating me this way? Why did you flirt with a guy in my presence? How could you? Something you have never done to me before. Is it because i love you?” Nicholas thought as he left the house for his car.

Eight minutes later, i went to say goodbye to my parents who were also set for work

“Mum, dad am going now, please be careful and you big head you set me up right? I would get you and grind you when i come” i said and walked out of the house.

I got to where Nicholas parked his car and tapped the door so he could open the door of which he did.

“You are four minutes late” Nicholas looked at his watched and frowned.

“Am sorry sir” i apologised, he made no respond and started the car.

“I called Deborah and she never told me about her health. Hope it’s not serious?” i asked still said nothing.

“Sir, i asked a question. I said i hope your sister’s illness is not serious” I said, he responded with his head this time.

“How is daddy and mummy?” i asked further.

“Look here, am not your driver, you hear me. I believe you have a phone, call them and ask. I hate to be distracted while on wheels. Let me drive in peace please” he snarled.

“Am sorry sir” i said and wondered why he was barking.

“Not another word from you again. Be mute please” He said

He ordered me out of his car as he drove into the premises of NCL. I thanked him and got down from the car, but saw Miss Ekem Believe looking at me as if she wasn’t about taking me soul. I hissed and went to my office trying my best to kick the events of the previous day and this morning out of my mind. Few minutes before lunch i got a call from Deborah, telling me she was going on a date with Kunle but his friend Michael, would pick me up for lunch. I told her i wasn’t interested and she laughed and ended the call, i sighed and raised my head only to see miss Believe.

“Harlot, witch, haven’t i warned you to leave him alone?” Believe said.

“Beg your pardon, miss Ekem. What are you talking about? I would not have you come in here and insult me” I sat up.

“So you still have the guts to talk? How dare you?” she said and i held her hand before it could land on my face.

“Are you mad? Is something wrong with you? Look here Believe, the next time you try to slap me again i would give you the beating of your life. Let this, even be the last time you would meet me to warn me anywhere again” i warned her.

“Oh, so you now warn me and call me by my name. You this illiterate how dare you” Believe asked me trying to free herself from my grip.

“Atleast am more educated than you an HND graduate. See the guy you are even talking about i know him better than you do and i can be his if i want to be so just stop fooling yourself and get out of my office this minute.” i snarled.

“Okay, we shall see” Believe said and walked out just then my phone rang.

“Hello….yeah….okay i would be out in a jiffy.” i ended the call and walked out.

“Gloria baby, are you going out?” Precious a co-worker asked me.

“Nah, i don’t think so i just want to see someone” I said and walked out, and stopped when i got to a red infinity jeep parked outside.

“Hello?? Am sorry to disturb but are you Mike?” i asked the handsome short guy inside.

“Yes i am and you must be Gloria right?” he got down from his car and brought his hand for a handshake.

“Yes i am. It’s nice meeting you” i stretched out my hand with a smile.

“What?? What’s wrong with you? Wait for me in my car” A harsh and shaky voice said to me.

“Mr Nicholas, is everything okay?” i asked.

“You heard me didn’t you? I said now.” he snarled.

“Am sorry sir, but i only came to take her for lunch.” Mike chipped in.

“Am sorry you too sir, but you are not allowed to take her out” Nicholas said.

“Why? Miss Gloria am sorry, please what’s happening. I don’t understand” Mike questioned.

“The lady you want to take out is my woman and i can’t let that happen. Now you get going before i lose my cool any than i have” Nicholas said and pulled me to his car.

“What was that you just did there. Don’t say anything let me go apologise for your silly behaviour. Excuse me” i said.

“Don’t you dare walk out on my Glory.” Nicholas warned.

“I don’t have your time” i said and went to meet Mike who was about driving out of the company. I apologised for Nicholas unruly behaviour, and promised to make up for it. He accepted and left the company and i saw Nicholas looking at me when i headed back to the office.

To Be Continued…

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