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Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 5

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“I can’t go mum. I don’t feel too fine” i tried talking my way out.

“Mum, why must we go to the Omonaiye’s place?” Kelvin inquired.

“Yes, mum. Must we go?” i chipped in.

“We were invited for a party at the Omonaiye’s place. So you better get ready and stop being a questioner.” My mum retorted.

“Yip-pee, there’s going to be a party. There’s going to be a party. Oh, yeah i love parties.” Kelvin shouted.

“A party? Deborah never told me about it. Why the party mum?” i inquired.

“Well, we don’t know. Your dad just called me from the office and got me informed” Mum said.

“All i care about is, there is going to be a party and not the reason for it” Kelvin said excitedly.

“Mum, i don’t think i would go with you. Am having period cramps and i don’t have anything to where” i lied.

“Young lady, you better work on that. You are not a kid anymore, go search yourself a dress” Mum said.

“But mum, i don’t want to go” i said instantly. Frowning as i recalled Nicholas last words in school “am expecting you tonight”.

“No one violates your father’s words. Be ready before seven pm” mum snarled.

Three hours later, we arrived at the Omonaiye’s house. We were led in by Mr and mrs Omonaiye who told us the reason for the party.

The Adekunles and the Omonaiyes have been friends for nineteen years now and so it was hard to celebrate without the other being present.

“We have been talking for a while now, where are the kids?” My dad inquired.

“I don’t know the where about of this kids. I think they are in their room” mrs Omonaiye said.

“Omolara, why don’t you go and call them. Check the rooms by the right you would find them there” mr Omonaiye directed me.

“Okay sir”. I said in a polite manner.

On getting to the first room, i suddenly yearned to be in Nicholas arms. I knocked on the door and gave the door a gentle push when Deborah answered.

“Deb, so you are asleep and we are waiting for you in the sitting room. You never bothered telling me about the party” i said grabbing a pillow on the bed and using it on her.

“Am so sorry Glory. It escaped my mind” Deborah said with a sheepish smile.

“Ok that is that. Now you get up and go call Nicholas, you are both sent for” i said.

“No way. You do it yourself” Deborah said and ran out of the room.

“Deborah, you better run because am going to break you if i catch you” my voice trailed off as i got to Nicholas room. I composed myself, making myself look beautiful for a reason i do not know. I gave the door a gently knock for a minute but there was no response so i opened it and stepped inside.

“Why is this jagajugulu’s room this dark?” i asked myself as i made to switch on the light but a hand held mine and a soft kiss which took my breath alone was planted on my lips. For the first time in my life i fell inlove with that kiss and the kisser. I wrapped my hands around his shoulder enjoying the moment until Deborah interrupted us.

“Glory? Nicholas?” Deborah called out as she entered the room.

“Yes…yes. Am here” i stuttered.

“Where are you and why is this room so dark?” She asked.

“Am right here and i have been looking for the switch since. Nicholas wouldn’t answer me” i answered. “Oh, here we go” i finally said switching on the light.

“You got me scared for a while. This room is empty. Where’s Nicholas? Have you checked the bathroom” she opened the bathroom but no one was there. “He’s not here” She said. At this point, i was trembling, wondering who kissed me.

“Deb where’s Nicholas na, he is not in his room” I said

“Hi ladies” Nicholas said from outside the room. “I was using dad’s laptop”

“You scared us both. Mum needs you in the sitting room” Deborah told him.

“Gloria, are you okay? You look scared” Nicholas winked at me as he went to the sitting room.

I felt tizzy throughout at the Omonaiye’s place. The rest of the term went well with me avoiding Nicholas and the term came to an end with the ss3 graduation party.

To Be Continied…

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