-Make Me Your Wife

Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 4

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I couldn’t help but wonder why my thoughts were on Nicholas as i hurried to pick Kelvin at the close of school.

“Oh that kiss, i thought it would never end. Why him? Why is he the first man to write me a love letter and the first to kiss me? Why do i hate him this much, when he is just a nice guy? Nice guy? Please don’t deceive yourself, he is not worthy of that title. Infact i hate everything about you, Nicholas” I was so lost in my thoughts that i didn’t know Kelvin was talking to me until he tapped me.

“You seem to be in another world full of chocolates” Kelvin teased.

“Why do you say so?” i asked

“You never uttered a word or answered my questions. I thought maybe you were thinking about senior Nicholas. Ehen sister Lara, tell me why were you crying when you went to see the head boy” he enquired.

“Me, ke! Omolara? Which head boy? I pretended.

“Senior Nicholas, your worst enemy” he answered.

“Who? What connection do i have with him? I frowned.

“Sister Lara, i was with my friend Victor in the library when the labour prefect drove us out, well we hung around, then i saw the head boy and the games prefect enter inside the library and later came out without the head boy. Minutes later, i saw the game prefect talking with you before you went into the library and came out later wiping ur face. It was after you went to your class, that the head boy got surrounded by the labour and games prefect when he came out. At first he looked sad but later brightened up after chatting with his friends. So sister, there is no denying this” Kelvin explained.

“Story teller, must you know everything?” i asked grinning.

“That’s my proffession”

“Okay, he wanted us to be friends. He apologised for all the evil he has done to me.” i said.

“Why does he want your forgiveness now?” kelvin asked

“Well that’s because he doesn’t want to go and face the bigger world without making peace and the ss3 student just finished their waec exam so they would be leaving soon. I told him i wasn’t interested and he knelt down crying and begging me that was why i was crying when i came out” i lied.

“Ok, senior Nicholas is a nice guy. Who knows he might even be the one to marry you” he said

“Shut up” i said abruptly.

“Hahahahahaha, i was only joking” Kelvin said.

On getting home, who met my mum home from work early preparing jollof rice. We greeted her in our yoruba dialect and went to freshen up.

To Be Continued…

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