-Make Me Your Wife

Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 3

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Raymond, gave me a strict instruction to meet the head boy at the library and i wondered why Nicholas chose the library which is always deserted during the lunch break.

I felt like a defeated lion as i headed for the library, cursing under my breath at the thought of Nicholas. My heart beat increased as i got to the library, i sighed and opened the door playing deaf, to my rumbling stomach and my trembling legs.

A sudden boldness filled me as i walked inside, i got to a spot and stopped, straining my eyes if i could have a view of Nicholas.

“Gloria” i heard Nicholas calm voice from where i was and made my way to the extreme end of the library where he sat like a dove motioning me to sit down. I sat on a seat placed before him ignoring the plates of rice and drinks infront of me.

“Gloria” He said again this time more gently.

“Nicholas, please tell me why am here” i insisted, and frowned. He held my gaze for a while before he spoke.

“How long should we live like this?” he asked avoiding my eyes.

“For as long as we keep speaking to each other” i murmured.

“Even when am dying with this feelings for you?” i heard the pain in his voice and felt a chill in my spine

“What feelings?” i asked rudely

“It’s only a fool, who wouldn’t know i still love you” Nicholas said with a shy smile.

“Who are you calling a fool? I just hope the words you splashed from that river you called a mouth wasn’t meant for me?” i asked.

“No it wasn’t” he quickly answered me.

“Okay” i swooshed out a long breath. “If this Nicholas, doesn’t end this conversation before the end of this lunch break then am going to smash his head on the wall and hide his body inside the ceiling” i thought and gave him a stern look.

The library became quiet again with my stomach singing a song i couldn’t stop.

“Well, since we have nothing more to say to each other i’d like to leave” i said.

“Without eating? Besides am not done. Here, have something to eat” he opened the drink and plate of rice for me.

“Please o, when did this start? Did i tell you am hungry or that i want to die eating your poisoned food?” i pushed the plate of food.

“You are insulting me, Glory” he wore a frown. “I mean i did nothing wrong to deserve this ill treatment from you. Or do you want to tell me that i was the first to write you a love letter? For Christ sake…Glory, what do you want me to do? I got the punishment i deserved, i stayed off your track all this while then why…..” interrupted by me.

“Am sorry if you saw it as an insult” Already feeling guilty.

“I promise i would let you go once you finish that food infront of you and when i have said my mind okay?” he

assured me.

“Whatever” i ate few spoons of the rice and caught him unawares staring at me as i drank the drink.

“Why the stare?” i asked instantly.

He ignored my question and made for my lips. I was breathless and speechless after the kiss which lasted for thirty seconds. I never wanted that kiss to stop for it was heavenly. I never thought a kiss that brief could make my knees so weak.

“Glory, am in love with you, i fell inlove with you the first day i set my eyes on you” Nicholas took my hand in his and kissed it. “No woman has and no woman would ever take the space you occupy in my heart. Glory, please look at me, don’t cry. I promise i will always make you happy” He said passionately.

“Just shut up” wiping my tears from my face. “And leave my hand this minute. Who gave you that right to kiss me? What came over you?” cleaning my lip.

“Am sorry Glory, i didn’t know what came over me” Nicholas apologised.

“I regret coming to school today” i said but i needed another kiss from him and so i prayed silently.

“Gloria, please don’t say that. I am truely sorry for hurting you” Nicholas went down on his knees and pleaded.

“Please Nicholas, for the sake of our parents and your sister, stay away from me. Let it not be heard that i, Gloria Omolara Adekunle did not warn you Nicholas Oladapo Omonaiye o. As you can see, am drawing my ear for you” Nicholas burst out laughing uncontrollably at the sight of me warning him.

“Ok, go ahead and laugh like an hyena. This is the last” i got up, ready to leave.

“Gloria, don’t dare walk out on me. Remember am still the head boy” Nicholas said.

“Don’t provoke me o Nicholas, if not this school won’t contain the both of us because it would become world war three. Head boy my foot why not hammer head of horror? Head boy who goes about looking for innocent students to pass his mouth disease to” i replied him.

“Hahahaha, bye Glory. Am expecting you later tonight” Nicholas said admist tears and laughter.

“Something is wrong with you” i said as i rushed out of the library. On getting outside, Deborah who was talking with Raymond ran towards me and asked me why i was crying and the only thing i could say was “I hate that demon”.

To Be Continued…

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