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Must Read: Make Me Your Wife… Part 11

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Two weeks later, after work i went to visit Nicholas in the hospital with Deborah and met him in a discussion with the doctor.

“I have told you, i cannot continue to be like this, i am now pampered, i lay all day like a log of wood, is it fair? Doctor just get a drug and inject it into me, what is the need of living when all hope is lost already?” Nicholas asked like a helpless child with his bandaged eyes.

“Big bro, no don’t talk like that, you haven’t lost anything, we are and would always be by your side” Deborah said.

“Yes that’s right Nicholas, we would always be here if you need anything. God has a reason for everything” i quickly added.

“Whoa, wait a minute. Did i just hear the voice of an angel? Was that Glow? I mean you now glow knowing am now a paper. How dare you mock me? I have warned you not to show your face here again, what are you still doing here? Out, out, get out of here before i do something silly to you. You made me the way i am, i had that accident drinking because of you that day. Now, you come to show your face here, you are a devil” Nicholas snarled and with this i started crying.

“Ahn ahn Dapo, that was too harsh na, did she force you to drink? No she didn’t, why drive her when she meant no harm?” Deborah said.

“You are an idiot, besides all of you are idiots, get out now. I don’t want to ever see you here again” Nicholas said.

“You have to leave this ward now, shouting is not good for his condition i need to put him on drugs to calm him down. Would be with you in a minute” The doctor said and led us out, coming out a minute later she frowned at us and invited us to her office.

On getting there, we sat on the two seats provided and glanced around her office for a while.

“I would not let you cause my patient anymore harm miss. He gets pretty paranoid this days which is not good for his health. I would have to restrict the both of you visit here for the main time until he gets better” The doctor said.

“You would do no such thing, try it and you would see if i don’t beat you black and blue” Deborah retorted.

“Deb, it hasn’t come to that. Doc, we are sorry, we never knew Nicholas would behave this way, it’s me he hates and not his sister, so she shouldn’t be restricted from visiting rather i should” i said.

“Does, she have a say here? Come i don’t take rubbish from people o, don’t try it next time and i don’t want to hear that you would ever stop her from visiting my brother. Hmm, the day you do, i would tell you am a jaguda, Glory stand up let’s go joh” Deborah said and pushed me out of the office.

“What was that for? You didn’t have to be rude na. That was very bad of you, you know she is just doing her job, you didn’t have to insult her” I said.

“That girlie girlie has no right, i despise her type. Come, let’s go and be with Nicholas, let me see her stop me” she said and pulled me by my hand as i was a bit relunctant to go in.

“You see, big bro is already asleep. Oops, i have got a call coming in” She got her phone from her handbag. “It’s Kunle, i would be right outside, stay with him” she said and closed the door behind. The room became quietly as i sat beside his bed stroking his hand and crying.

“Baby, am sorry i caused your accident, am sorry i made you drink, am sorry you are going through so much pain cos’ of me. I love you Nicholas, pride didn’t let me say it before but now to hell with it, i am going to stand by you until all this is over. I would never let go of you if the world do, i love you Nicholas, please find a place in your heart to forgive me please” I whispered and lowered my head until my lips met his, he whimpered in his sleep.

“I just made a promise to be by his side, a blind and paralysed man?” my thoughts kept pricking me that i was so lost in my thoughts unaware of Deborah’s entrance into the room.

“Hey, you look like you just saw a ghost. How is he?” she asked and sat on the other end of the bed.

“He looks fine, he needs that rest you know. He didn’t deserve to be like this, it’s so painful” i said wiping my tears and blowing out mucus from my nose with my already soaked handky.

“Yeah, he is too good to be this way” Deborah said sadly and with a smile minutes later as if being revived back to life.

“Guess what?? Kunle is taking me to see his parents this saturday. Am so fly, uh ta ta la la la. I just can’t wait” she said excitedly and i flustered.

“Deb, are you okay at all? Have you lost your mind? Do you know your brother is the one lying on this bed? All you do and care about now is Kunle this, Kunle that, not like he has proposed to you yet” i said.

“What does he need me for when you are already here? If only you knew the truth then you won’t be such a chump” she said making a funny face for me.

“Yeah, right and you are such a chum. What do you mean by truth?” i asked.

“Like seriously? You want to know? Mehn , damn, oboy if i told you, you wouldn’t believe” Deborah said with a grin.

“Please tell me, i also have something to tell you” i said with interest

“You won’t believe Kunle and i had unprotected s*x last night, gosh it was so good, the skin to skin feeling was extra great” she said.

“Are you for real? You smoke weed? How, why did you have unprotected s*x? What were you thinking?” i asked instantly.

“Oh please, enough with that miss virgin. We were both ready to take the risk, atleast now, we would visit his parents then fix a date for them to visit mine” Deborah said.

“Okay, if you say so. My being a virgin is my pride and it would be my husband’s pride too” i murmured.

“What is it you want to say?” she asked with smile.

“What do you think about me and Nicholas? Do you think he would forgive me?” i asked her.

“Perfect match, virgin plus virgin. Hmm, yeah i think he would if you marry him” Deborah said.

“Virgin? Is he a virgin?” i inquired.

“Ooops, mo gbe, am dead, he warned me not to tell anyone about it before o” she sniffed just then mrs Omonaiye walked in and i couldn’t tell Deborah how i felt about Nicholas.

To Be Continued…

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