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Must Read: Like A Dream… Part 9

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A myriad of thoughts ran through Shade’s mind, she tried to stabilize herself by leaning on the wall with one hand and holding her stomach with the other, she tried to think of a reason why Giorgio would spike her drink, she believed everything she had done to Giorgio had been kept in secret and he could not remember any of the incidents from her NYSC period till when he woke up in the hospital; real tears welled up in her eyes as she asked again with some effort.

“Baby, you poisoned me, why…? Why do you want to kill me?”

“Sweetheart, I really would love to kill you right here – right now, but that would be too easy a punishment for you, wouldn’t it?” a cynical smile played on his lips as he moved closer to her, she was growing weaker by the minute and couldn’t resist as he carried her and moved towards the dining area.

“Giorgio please, I beg you in the name of God, for the sake of our love, tell me why you are doing this to me? What did you put in my drink?” she pleaded amidst tears as Giorgio set her down on one of dining chairs, tied her arms to either of the chair’s armrests, and her feet to the front legs of the chair.

“Oh, you don’t know why I’m doing this to you, right? Like I said, my plan is never to kill you, though that would make me happy a lot, so I simply added a small amount of gamma-hydroxybutyrate to your drink; I know you won’t know what that means, but I will break it down for you. It is a central nervous system depressant that will slow your heart rate, respiration; and also interfere with your blood circulation, motor coordination and balance; and that is what you are experiencing now. You will later fall into a coma-like sleep that will last for hours, but I hope you will still be able to listen to me and comprehend things I am about to tell you, before that happens” he said to her, carefully picking his words; his face was a cocktail of emotions as he strode to his bag, unzipped it and brought out intravenous cannula, a pair of rubber gloves, blood infusion set, and a stethoscope, he carefully laid them one after the other on the dining table.

“Please, if you want to kill me, at least tell me what I did, please I beg you” Shade pleaded once more

“Sweetheart, I need you to save your breath because you are going to need it to go through this, and I will tell you what you did in a bit, I just need to look for something to hang this stuff here so I can set up, and our tango can begin”

Giorgio wore the rubber gloves, brought out a towel from his bag and proceeded to wipe the house clean of his prints; from the wine bar, to the wine bottle, to the door knob, to the wine glasses and every other thing he touched since they both got into the house, before turning back to Shade.

“It’s time” he said as he approached menacingly

“Please Giorgio, why are you doing this to me? If you want to take my car, and even this house please take them all, but don’t do this to me”

“Oh! You really think I am after your money and your house? You must be deluded, but of course you are deluded. Because if you are not, you would not go to such crazy length to stop me from regaining my memory, when you are the only reason I lost the memory in the first place” he scoffed

Shade was shocked beyond words, though she was tired and feeling weak, what Giorgio just said dropped on her like a bombshell. Her face was contorted in confusion and fear of what Giorgio might be planning to do to her if he truly knew everything she had done, she summoned some courage and decided to ask

“You…You regained your memory?”

“Oh yes I did, 3 months ago. And thanks to you because, if you had not gone to that prophet in a bid to hypnotize me further into becoming your slave, maybe nothing would have triggered it”

“You… knew about the prophet?”

“Oh dear, I know about the prophet, and whatever assignment he claimed to do for you was a fake. I know about everything, I know about your suicide attempts, the first and the second one; I know about Port Harcourt, I know about Chief Akabue, I know about everything dear, because I made up my mind to know” he paused to look at her, she was crying profusely, she tried to move but the rope was tight and was hurting her limbs, she looked at Giorgio pleadingly, her eyes begging for her life. Giorgio ignored her and simply continued

“I played into your hands when I allowed passion trumped my reasoning and I came looking for you the night I was with Thunder without telling him or anyone else where I was going to, and I got involved in that accident that affected my memory. But, what you forgot was that while I was in school, I knew a few people who knew a few people, who knew other people who could get anything done, and there were a lot of people who owed me favours from my school days. So thankfully, this prophet was one of the people that owed me and still owing me some favours. So, when he sent for me and told me a woman was seeking his help to hypnotize me into doing whatever she wanted me to do, I knew something was actually wrong with me, so I started asking around for help. I later got introduced to a psychologist who does private practice from his house and I started going through therapy until I remembered the accident, what led to it, and every other thing I initially forgot, but as God would have it; the same doctor was taking you through therapy because you were suicidal. I didn’t know about that initially because the doctor never attended to two patients in one day, he was a private man who took the privacy of his patients very seriously and would always see different patients on different days, but I got lucky the day you called him to change your appointment. I was sitting in front of him when you called, and his phone was a bit unusually loud; I thought I heard your voice that sounded like yours from the other end; I wasn’t sure, so I decided to investigate, I hired a private investigator that followed you everywhere, from the doctor’s office, to your office, to Port Harcourt and to every meeting you had with Chief Akabue. The P.I even planted a microphone in your house, so I know every little plan you discussed with your friend before you would even think of executing them. So, you see, I was always a step ahead of you”

“Giorgio, please forgive me. I am sorry, I am so sorry” she pleaded with almost her last strength, she felt dizzy as the drug coursed through her system

“Forgive you? God is the only one to forgive you and I hope He forgives me too for what I’m about to do to you, because I am going to make you go through what I went through and even more” tears welled up in in eyes as he moved towards her and set up the blood transfusion set.

“First, I will inject you with enough Oxytocin; this drug will make you lose your pregnancy, which I am sure I’m not responsible for. Next, I will fill your system with enough ecstasy, a combination of a methamphetamine and hallucinogen for days; then I will pump a combination of Lipitor, Lescol, and Zocor into your system; these drugs are meant to lower the blood levels of cholesterol, but too much of it will impair your memory and other mental processes by rapidly depleting your brain levels of cholesterol as well. Then, I will top it with a combination of cyclophosphamide, fluorouracil, interferon-alpha-2, these drugs will induce a level of heart attack, and that is the condition you would be found when I must have finished with you in the next four days, and don’t think your security man is coming back soon, he is not coming until I want him to, and by the time you get to the hospital, you will be mistaken for a junkie, you will have psychosis, you will hallucinate a lot and you probably will not remember this event for a very long time. So, you will end up spending a lot of time in the hospital if you are lucky, but I really wish you end up in a mental home, which is more likely. Shade, I loved you, I really did but sometimes,love comes like a dream, and leaves like a nightmare.”Giorgio ended as he proceeded to administer the mixtures one after the other.

“Please…….” Shade pleaded again, she closed her eyes and visualized the entire sequence of her fall, hot tears cascaded her face, her pupils dilated wildly; until darkness enveloped her.



It was a Saturday morning, the ambiance was beautiful, the breeze – gentle, the environment – neat, and singing birds on lined trees along lush lawns of a large expanse inside the mental home; Giorgio walked in dressed in a simple tee-shirt and jeans, accompanied by a woman also dressed in the same manner, a perfectly fitted gold engagement ring shone against the sun as they walked hand in hand towards a woman who was sitting in a wheelchair with a medical assistant close by, her once fair and supple skin gradually turning brown and pale .

“You remember her, right” Giorgio said to the woman on the wheelchair, but pointing to his fiancée. The woman on the chair did not respond, she simply looked at him as tears streamed down her face.

“Well, in case you don’t remember, this is Joan, and we are getting married soon before we relocate permanently to the USA. I just wanted to say hello to you and goodbye, for the last time – maybe”

As Giorgio walked away, hand in hand with his fiancée, Shade’s made effort to say something, but her heart started racing, she struggled to get up, but she fell off the chair – jerking. The medical assistant rushed in, screamed for the doctor, she tried to lift her up, then she stilled…


AUTHUR: Chris Bamidele

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