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Must Read: Like A Dream… Part 8

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Hello guys, last time, Shade announced she was pregnant, but who is responsible? I hope this episode will provide us some answers or lead us in the direction at least.

Shade stood in one spot unmoved, with arms folded across her heaving bosom; her hazel eyes pleadingly fixated on nothing in particular as she stared at the floor. The last time she had sex with Giorgio was almost three months ago, and not because she didn’t want to, but because Giorgio had been complaining of tiredness of sort anytime they were together. But she had been having some fun on the side, also had been having regular sex with Chief Akabue who had earlier asked her to get pregnant for him so that their wedding plans would be fast tracked; she did not like the idea of marrying him and wasn’t even planning to do so; but she needed his money, his gifts and his influence. Her plan was to stay with him, play along with the marriage idea until she was able to get enough money to go on and live a blissful marital life with Giorgio, whom with the help of Monica and ‘prophet’, she had successfully shielded from his friends who might have helped triggered his memories or tried reminiscence therapy by talking about things in his past so that his past experiences are brought into his current thoughts.

“You don’t want to answer my questionabi? All you are going to do is stare at the floor like some housemaid who broke her madam’s most expensive china right? Monica asked, clasping her hands and wearing a mild hound-like look.

“Monica, I’m not sure; I am so confused right now, I don’t know what to do” Shade replied lifting her head; getting all glassy eyed.

Monica shook her head; her initial hound-like look gave way to a pathetic one, she moved to the nearest couch and sank into it.

“Monica, please help me. I don’t know what to do, and I can’t terminate this pregnancy. I don’t want to.” Shade pleaded as she moved closer to Monica, leaning on the nearest wall.

“Shade, we shouldn’t be having this talk at all; really – this level of discourse is pathetic. To my best of knowledge, you only have two people that you sleep with; Giorgio and Chief. And you see Chief mostly, every other weekend; Giorgio, almost every weekday and any weekend you are not in PH; but suddenly you can’t tell who is responsible for your pregnancy between these two men, really?”

“Not really, errrrm, errrrm, I’ve had a couple of flings and a one night stand in recent months and I am ashamed to say my brain was crowded out in raw passion that I didn’t insist on using prote…”

“Shade shut up! Just shut up” Monica snapped, snapping out of her seat, and cutting Shade short. “I don’t care if you slept with the whole of Lagos and Port-Harcourt together, how silly could you be not to use a condom? And if you are that silly not to use a condom, have they stopped selling pills at the chemist shop? Are you new to these things? Am I supposed to practically tell you what to do in every situation? Sometimes, you piss me off with yourmumuishattitude.Psscheeeewww” She hissed before walked into the room – furiously.


Giorgio had been home alone all day, though he was now feeling better; he hadn’t been going out much since he didn’t have a job yet; Shade had been the one taking care of him, and she had been doing a very good job of that; giving him money anytime he asked, and spending enough time with him especially when he had let go of his two close friends; Benny and Thunder, after the incident where Giorgio openly took sides with Shade when Benny told Giorgio that she was cheating on him. Benny had reported their arguments to Thunder who tried to mediate but Giorgio was adamant, he claimed he knew what he was doing and they should both leave him alone with the love of his life.

He was watching television and particularly feeling bored that evening, he picked the TV remote, turned down the volume, and dialed Shade number from his phone – she picked at the second ring.

“Hello baby”

“Hey, sweetheart, how are you doing? You are soundingkindalow, any problem?” Giorgio pointed out upon hearing Shade sounding rather drab on the phone.

“I am fine, maybe I’m just tired. My boss let me get off a bit early today, so I can pack for our Abuja trip tomorrow” she cooed lazily

“Hmmmmm, I thought you said you were travelling to Port Harcourt”

“No, PH was 2 weeks ago, this trip is to Abuja. My boss has a business lunch to attend on Saturday, followed by a meeting with the Minister of Interior first thing on Monday”

“Oh! That’s great; I guess I will see you on Monday then”

“Hmmmmm, I told you about this trip before, did anything come up or you just want to see my face because you have missed me?” she cooed again

“Well, I have missed you, and I’m just checking on you”

“Awwwwwnnnn! That’s sweet, once I get back, I will take three days off work and spend quality time with you and give you some tender loving care”.

“Thanks baby. That is why you are my endless love; I will be looking forward to that. Call me when you are done packing ok?”

“I will, I love you Giorgio”

“I love you more Shade” Giorgio said as he ended the call, he looked at the screen and smiled. He scrolled to message option on his phone, sent a text message to an unregistered number, and waited till the phone screen indicated ‘delivered’ before dropping the phone on the table; he smiled again as he turned up the TV volume.



Giorgio and Shade lay spent in bed after a bout of lovemaking, she nestled in his arms as he played with her hair and she rolled her finger back and forth on his hairy chest. She wanted to tell him about the pregnancy there and then, but she couldn’t, same way she earlier contemplated telling Chief Akabue in Port Harcourt when they were together over the weekend, but Monica had reminded her that it would be a wrong move as chief would want to marry her there and then, and she would not have any good reason to say decline or delay his proposal, she however advised her to tell Giorgio since she was planning to marry him anyway, but after an exhilarating sex with Giorgio, and counting on the ‘prophet’s assignment’ still working strong on him, she thought of another plan – a better plan. She would sell the idea of relocating abroad to Giorgio, tell him some half-truths about Chief Akabue and then break the pregnancy news to him once they are out of Nigeria; back-dating the term, as to cover any loose end.


“Wait, wait, wait” Giorgio said as he pushed her gently away from his chest, sat upright on the bed and peered into her face. “You mean you are dating someone else, and that is why we should relocate? So, what Benny told me was true?”

“No sweetheart” she sat up the bed looking startled “Benny claimed he saw me in Port Harcourt; this man I’m talking about lives in Eket, he is old enough to be my father, and I have only seen him once when he came to Lagos to do business with my boss”

“So, if you have seen him only once, how come we are talking about him and then planning relocation?” Giorgio asked getting up from the bed now.

“Sweetheart, please calm down and listen to me, he saw me the day he came to Lagos and since then he has been sending messages and gifts telling me he wants to marry me, but I constantly tell him I have someone I love so much in my life. his advances are becoming great source of worry to me now, and that is why I am telling you, please I need to get him off my back, and I need your help” one droplet trickled down her chin with the slow inevitability of tears as she explained.

Giorgio moved closed to her and scooped her in his arms, he was always moved by her tears and this time was no exception

“I am sorry baby; I didn’t mean to hurt you. But, my question is, if you are not dating him yet, why do we need to worry about him sending you small gifts and messages?” he said to her wiping her tears

“Baby, not just small gifts; last week, he bought a house in my name, he sent me the keys and told me I will have the document once I say yes to his marriage proposal” she let the tears roll freely as she replied.

“Wow!!! Baby, please don’t listen to him, don’t marry him, don’t leave me please. I will die if you leave me” Giorgio pleaded, kissing her tears

“I won’t baby. I won’t leave you, I won’t marry him; I am letting it all go, just for you – just for us. And that is why I’m telling you, please help me” she held on to Giorgio as if her life depended on it

“I won’t let you go dearie, I won’t let you go. But let me see the house, let me see what you are giving up for me – for us; then we think of what to do”

“Ok… Ok,” she nodded in agreement amidst tears. “When do you want to see it?”

“How soon are you getting our visas ready?”

“Well, I can sell the car and everything else; and I know someone who can get Schengen visa ready for both of us in about two to three weeks” she replied

“Well, you should concentrate on getting the visa, maybe before then, you can trick that man into giving you the house document, then we can sell it alongside the car and spend the night before our departure in that house” Giorgio said coyly, Shade simply nodded in affirmative and they kissed again.



Giorgio moved around, taking in the beauty of the apartment; it was elegant, spacious, well-built and charming, complete with a swimming pool. The floor was covered in Jupiter black Italian porcelain tiles and the furniture was simply exquisite to behold; the wine bar was fascinating and every item exuded pure class.

“Baby, you are really giving up all these for me?” Giorgio eyes darting around, admiring the whole interior décor as he moved around; he stopped at the wine bar, his back turned towards Shade.

“Baby, we are not really giving it up, I have spoken to some property managers and as soon as we get a buyer, we will sell it” she quipped

“Oh! Oh yes, that’s true. I wanted to ask, is there no security man here?”

“Well, there is, I gave him two days off work with pay, told him someone else will stand in for him”

“Why that?” Giorgio asked as he left the wine bar to join her.

“I don’t want anyone to know of our plans, even Monica doesn’t know we are travelling, I told her I was working late in the office and I might pass the night here. We will call her from Austria when we land” she smiled at Giorgio who kept looking at her. “Sweetheart, what is it?”

“I want to ask you something very serious”

“What is that?” her heart skipped a bit

“Are you pregnant?” he asked flatly

The question hit Shade like a thunderbolt; she was totally unprepared, her heart started beating faster, she was shocked and on the verge of tears.

“Don’t cry baby, just tell me” Giorgio said, moving closer to her

“How…How do you know?”

“I see signs, sweetheart, are you carrying our baby?”

Shade was sure she heard him say ‘our baby’ she was overjoyed that her plans were falling into place effortlessly

“Yes, yes, I am 12 weeks pregnant, I am carrying our baby – our tomorrow” she said as she allowed the tears flow freely.

Giorgio moved close to her, kissing her and wiping her tears “Baby don’t cry; this calls for a celebration, let’s celebrate, let’s drink to this”

Giorgio let go of her, strode to the wine bar, picked two glasses, and filled them from a wine bottle that appeared to have been uncorked earlier. He handed one to Shade and they drank to‘A joyous and endless tomorrow’. They continued chatting, laughing and teasing each other when Shade who appeared tipsy suddenly missed her step.

“Baby, it seems the alcohol content of this wine is much, I think I am high” she managed to say.

“No you are not high Shade, there is no alcohol in that drink; I merely spiked it” Giorgio said menacingly.

For few seconds, Shade looked puzzled; then her teary face metamorphosed into a mask of horror as the wine glass slipped from her hand, breaking into scattered fragments as it hits the tiled floor.

“Baby… you poisoned me…?”


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