-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 9

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Eight, read it HERE!!!

Along the line faith and I never really dated, we just became friends with benefit.
Incase you don’t get the meaning of friends with benefit, here is how it started.
She came to roadblock on a certain friday evening, the guys were out clubbing as usual, we were both only ones in the house.
We both lied on the bed in my room, watching film on my pc, she was putting on a fitted pink blouse and a black leggins, and there’s something about pink colour on girls, it’s just a s*xy** color. I couldn’t stop stealing series on looks on her body, I wasn’t focused on the movies at all, unlike her she was intrigued by the movie. I was busy examining her (x-ray vision), my body was already reacting, I don’t know why such happens when am alone with a girl.
I was trying to control myself, so as not to misbehave, I didn’t want to follow the direction of my erection.
I kept to myself, and was trying not to think of her, until she made a silly mistake of moving closer to me and resting her head on my chest. Hmmmn romantic position her heavy duties were resting on me, mehn I couldn’t just hold it anylonger, she still couldn’t notice anything because she was still glued to the screen of the pc, or maybe she was pretending, I didn’t know. I summoned the courage, and started with my usual moves of getting a girl laid.
I know it might be difficult, because she isn’t my gf, but am giving it a try. I was looking directly at her face for few minutes, later she noticed I was looking at her, she then turn to look at me, and our eyes were clashing, she smiled and continue watching the film, she frequently stop to take a look at me, to check if I was still looking at her, and she would smile and continue watching the film. Then that encouraged me, I took a step further, I started feeling her hair, I was playing with it in a romantic manner. By the time the movie ended she gave me a final look, a questioning look to be precise, like ” what do you want sef ? ” Look.
With the way she was smiling and looking at me , I guess she was in the mood so I shifted and lower by body till our face were facing each other , still lying on the bed, then I proceeded by moving my mouth towards hers. Then I kissed her, at first she was reluctant but she later gave in and kissed me back, so we started sharing a passionately kiss, till one till led to another, we ended up having s*x that evening.
And from then onwards she was like my s*x partner, thou we ain’t dating. That’s why I tagged our relationship “friends with benefit”.
The last semester exam of my 300 level came by and I passed very well, because have known how to balance school work and yy by then.
My parents insist I come home for vacation, I didn’t feel like going back to ib, because I really have no one to mingle with there, it would be somehow dry, without my hommies.
But I had to go, because I had to start searching for a place to do my I.T, and there weren’t much opportunities in akure. Ib is a place of great oppotunites, and i could easily get connected there.
So on the last day I packed my stuffs from the hostel and moved them to krissh’s house, I knew that would be the last time I’d live in school hostel.
So I went back to Ib on the same day, my parents were glad to see me, after all this years, they just kept throwing me questions especially my mum, she wants to know everything about how I lived in Akure.
I slept on that fateful day very late in the night, there was no light at all, same happened the next day, so I wasn’t able to hustle with my pc, and home was always boring
Could have bought fuel to power the generator, but there was also fuel scarcity, the little stations that opened were always crowded and you would see a que of about 100 cars and another separate que for bikes and those buying with kegs.
Sh*t couldn’t just endure waiting endlessly in the sun to buy fuel.
Tho I do by black market once in a while. But it doesn’t pay me.
I should be charging my gadgets at a cafe around my area, but eke frequently raid cafes for yy niggas. So that was out of option.
So I resolved to a viewing centre in my area.
There generator was always on because they do sport betting.
So my routine was to wake up by 8.00 a.m , I’d work out, take cool bath and have my breakfast, then head to the viewing centre by 10 a.m. Stick to my usual corner, plugin my gadgets, sit on a bench, switched on my pc, and hustle till around 5pm in the evening before going back home. I was making a lot of money tho. Faith was in ib too but just didn’t wanna relate with her, am already getting bored with her companies.
At the rate at which I’m making money I could afford to buy myself a ride next semester.

To Be Continued…

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