-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 7

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Six, read it HERE!!!

Got to Time out & krissh & bosun had left there already, so i put a call through to krissh.

Me : hello alaye ,are you fooling me bayi? where are you ?

Krissh : you dey craze, like should wait forever for you, come and join us at genesis hotel pool louge jur.

hung up

i took a bike and joined them at genesis.
i sighted krissh,and lo and behold saw bosun by is side. i screamed.

me : Dead or Alive ?

B.B : you are high, abeg sit down, no dey embarass me.

I sat and joined them on the table for four, it was krissh, i, bosun and anothee guy i didn’t know then.

Me : bosun how far?. (turned to krissh) where do you collide with him?

B.B : i just land in Nigeria yesterday ni jae, was in malaysia all this while, you know after those eke busted us then in our domot. I managed to joined this paddy of mine there. (pointing to the guy beside him, the fourth guy)

Krissh : na so oh, he just contacted me on facebook last week, i didn’t believe him intially, untill he showed up. Am also suprised oh.

Me : o this calls for celebration.

We gisted alot and later retired to krissh’s domot for the night. The following day was saturday, a weekend. Niggas decided to work out. We drove krissh’s car to genesis hotel’s gym. We were working out and conversing.

B.B : Guys when you leave Nigeria, you’d get so exposed o.

Krissh : why do you say so?

B.B : on top this yy stuff we are into, there are various formats and wide range of sites out there. It’s like we are clouded here.

Krissh : hmmmn thats normal now, it’s everyday people build up formats.

B.B : well malaysia has been good, alot of naija working boiz dey there oh. Their government are now also strict on Nigerians tho there police make sense, they don’t arrest person anyhow like eke here in naija.
John fi testify, that country is comfortable than here.

(john wqs the guy that came along with bosun)

John : yeah o, live is easier and working boys are getting reliable clients, when they form as malaysian citizen.

Me : you guys must have gain a lot of experience over there o.

Krissh : sharrap jur.

Me : oh boy mind your business jae.

B.B : guys chill

We spent like 2 hours there and went back to krissh domot, the other guys refreshed and slept off. But i wasn’t feeling tired instead i was famished, so i took my bath and headed to campus to get something to eat.

On a normal day i would have gone to a bukateria at the east gate, but i was just feeling big that morning, i decided to go to the most high rated resturant in school, their meals were costly and tasty.

I sat and ordered for fried rice and chicken with 2 bottled coke, i was feasting on when four ladies walked in and occupied the next table next to mine, i greeted them casuqlly and continues with my meal. They didn’t order anything for like three minutes, they were just gisting, until another girl came in to join them. I took a cursory look and it wqs faith i tried to hide my face from her and continued with my meal, was already through, was sipping my coke from a glass cup. Then i noticed one of the ladies pointing to me, and they were saying something like i was cute, the other girls then turned their gazed to me. Then i and faith eyes clashed.

Faith : Iphekitan

I was just smiling, and the other girls were suprised she knew the cite guy they were talking about. She left them and joined me at my table.

Faith : i see you are enjoying.

Me : faith, how are you?

Faith : am fine o, was expecting your call last night, but you dissappointed me.

Me : oh was intending to call you today.

Faith : ish well meet my friends ( turning to her girls) shola, bimpe, joy, dami meet ifeoluwa, ife meet my girls.

( we just waved at each other and smiled)

Shola : do you mind if we join your table?

Me : it’s nothing, feel free.

They left there table to join us, i was feeling somehow being the only guy sitting with five ladies.

Joy : faith won’t your guy give ua a treat?

Faith : ah who said his my guy, you and thia your big mouth. Anyways y’all can order what ever you like, am sure his capable.

In my mind i was like, chai see thia girls ehn, today’s not my birthday na, thank God i was with my wallet, i had just 1k in it but my Atm card was intact and the resturant offers POS services. So i chilled and just kept smilling. They all ordered and faith ordered also but asked that her’s to be packed, guess she wasn’t eating on spot.

I walked to the cashier to pay up their bills via my Atm. The total sum was about 15k, well it’s nothing compared to what i would have spent on drinks if i was with my guys.

I bade them farewell and was about taking my leave when faith tagged along, leaving her friends behind.

Me : and where are you off to?

Faith : following you of course

Me : to where?

Faith : your hostel or anywhere, or is it bad for me to know your place.

Me : not at all.

I called a cab and it drove us both outta the school premises to Roadblock.

(In the cab)

Faith : do you live around here?

Me : nope but i stay around here

Faith : geez what’s the difference?

Me : well a friend of mine lives around here actually, i live in school hostel, but am mostly here because i roll with him and we have a common interest.

Faith : and what is that common interest?

Me : money of course!

Faith : hmmmn hope it’s legal?

Me : Not at all, trust me.

Faith : okay trust you. Yeah qm sorry for the unexpected finances you had to pay for the other time.

Me : it’s nothing, i could afford to do that everyday for them.

Faith : hmmm aee braging, are you dangote’s son.

Me : ish you still a small girl, what do you know?

Faith : hmmm matured boy, oya tell me what i don’t know?

Me : well there are many people richer than femi otedola and dangote in Nigeria, there’s isn’t just written wealth, they are rich codedly.
Faith : hmmm na u sabi, when would we get to your place?

Me : ( tapped the cab man to stop) we are here already.

We highlighted and i paid off the cab man, we entered into krissh’s domot and met bosun and john at living room.

Me : guys una don wake?

B.B : no we are snoring, silly question from a silly dude.

Faith : good afternoon.

B.B : Afternoo girl, what’s the name? ( swapped to queens english)

Faith : faith

B.B : nice name

Me : hmmm enough pleasantries, faith this is bosun and john, guys she’s faith my girlfriend.

B.B : oh nice meeting you, our wife.

John : you are welcome.

I held faith hand and led her to my room.

She sat on my bed, brought out her food and started eating, i brought her a chilled bottled water for her to step it down. By the time she was done. We started conversing.

Faith : Yeah, hmmmn ife what was the meaning of what you did the other time in front of your friends? why did you introduce me to them as your gf ?

Me : (ishh see question) i had to just say that to let us off their hook. Wait do you expect me to introduce you as a friend, so they can start bugging you, besides you are still my girl, am still into you.

Faith : hmmmn ife are you for real?

Me : (sat closed to her, fixed my eyes on hers) you see faith. Ever since we me yesterday, have been strucked with memories of those seven days we had, the feelings kept coming back, you know the chemistry was real and i didn’t intend to present it this way.

Faith : wait! Are you just asking me out?

Me : yeah Faith , am asking you to be my girl.

Faith : Iphekitan

Me : Faith the feeling is real, it’s not deciet, i love you for real.

Faith : hmmmn ife i would think about it. You know you guys can be difficult to trust.

Me : think it over girl, am not like every other guy, am different, am endless love, the love i have for you is pure and endedless.

Faith : alright (changes topic) so is it just the trio of you living here.

Me : oh no we are four, the fourth guy must have gone out.

Faith : ok nice place sha, i guess i’d have to take my leave (picking up her bag)

Me : so fast? No no no no you haven’t soend up to an hour, girl relax, feel at home (took the bag from her shoulders,) take if you footwear. Feel comfortable.

Faith : hmmm okay.

I switched on my pc and i played us the movie lekki wives. We both lied on my bedto watch the movie, she then later leave around 6pm in the evening.

To Be Continued…

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