-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 6

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Five, read it HERE!!!

The next session which was my 300 level in futa, I moved back into school hostel. I decided to be serious with my studies again and improve my GP. To be sincere it wasn’t easy at all, I had to do a lot of extra reading on my own to make up for the lectures I missed, to understand the current topics , I had to go back to previous topics, I’d miss.

But as a naturally born computer freak studying computer science, I find the practical aspect very easy, because I have slight idea about programming in my secondary school days, I did some pettite web designing back then. So the practicals here in futa just widen my orizone, later everything was just too simple to me. I studied and did research and learned many stuffs on my own, so whenever am in class, whatever the lectures were saying became irrelevant because I knew them already. I never skipped lectures tho. Even during tests , other students were amazed at my brillancy and they started tagging to me, especially the girls.

I still do a little yy. By the side during my leisure time, but it wasn’t the do or die hard yy like I was into before.

On a certain friday like that, I went to the school libary with my pc, and was hustling because of the free wifi available there. Then I got a call from krissh.

Krissh : hello

Me : hello kvng krissh, hw far now ?

Krissh : am gentle, alaye wetin dey do you na, you just like abandoning person.

Me : o boy no vex o, just sorting things out here.

Krissh : no qualms now. Guess what ?

Me : what’s that ?

Krissh : just guess ?

Me : you probably got a new car, or you hammered hard again ?

Krissh : o gather, that’s not the ish, as in just guess who is standing by me right now.

Me : hmmmn your bae ?

Krissh : aha ife dey don get you oh
( Heard something like a masculine voice laughing underneath )

Me : hmmmn it’s a guy laughing oh, are you now a gay.

( The voice was now laughing audilbly )

Krissh : you are sick faa.

Me : hmmmn boy calm down, the voice sounds like that of bosun’s

Kriss : yoir head is working already. It’s bosun’s

Me : sho! Where did you collide with him.

Krissh : leave story, where you ?

Me : on campus.

Krissh : okay block us for time out.

( Time out was a joint we do goto flex)

Me : okay , be there asap.

Call ends.

Hmmmn reunion tho bad. It’s now I and my niccur, we would be back togther. I packed my stuffs and rushed for the dorr when I collided with someone. The person’s book fell, I shaked myself and saw it was a girl, she was picking up her stuffs already, I was speechless, because she was smelling nice, I was about to aplogise when she looked up to me, lo and behold. Our eyes collided and guess who she was. Hmmmn she was sister faith, yes the same sister faith from mama primate’s.

I couldn’t believe it, I guessed she also noticed I was giving her a cursoly look.

Faith : hello , is sorry to much to say for you.

Me : (I got my senses back and eventually managed to say her name ) faith , sister faith!

Faith : ( she looked at me well, then reacted like someone who just remember something ) hmmmn ife ? Brother ife right ?

Me : yeah it’s I oh sister faith.

Faith : (hugged me tightly)

Henenen wonders shall never cease, so we would meet again, ife! All this while, you went to james, and that’s all, I heard nothing from you, what went wrong with your line, I called and called and it was switched off.

Me : ( see questions o) hmmmn faith that’s a long story o, it’s not like I meant to neglect you then, can we goto some where quiet to talk please ?

Faith : yeah sure, am hostel is very close.

Me : okay lead me my lady.

Faith : your lady ko, see mouth, you never change.

We headed to her hostel then to her room. I sat down on a bed , texted krissh that I’d be late , I guess her roomies weren’t around. So she went out and came back in with Pie and chilled Nutri C.

Faith : brother ife just help manage this.

Me : ( took it) thank you , firstly we are in school now o, let’s neglect the brother and sister ish in our names please, and tanks for the hospitality.

Faith : hmmn if you say so, you’re welcome.

She sat opposite to me by the next bed.

She allowed me to take my time with the pie and nutric c. I was done in no minutes.

Faith : hmmmn guess you enjoyed it.

Me : yeah thanks a lot.

Faith : hmmn so ife how are you ?

Me : I’m fine oh. Hmmmn.

Faith : what’s hmmmn ?

Me : I could hardly identify you oh, you really have changed. Compared to the white garment sister I knew before.

Faith : hmmmn before nko, life is dynamic, so in what aspect have I changed o.

Me : hmmmn you looking dope, you’re prettier, more matured and your dressing is killing.

Faith : hmmmn thank you mr sweet words.

Me : I’d take that as a compliment.

Faith : well you ain’t looking bad either. Besides I can feel your packs from your body frame in your shirt.

Me : thanks bae.

Faith : okay now tell me what really happened.

Me : hmmn well, I told you my parents were visiting, well when they got to james house where I was lodging, they told me to pack my things and follow them, which I did, and later they sent me to my elder brothers who lived in abeokuta, I was pissed and amidst the frustration because they planned it all without my consent, I misplaced my phone. And from there I did jamb at my brother’s place and here I am.

Faith : hmmmn I feel your point, but it really pained me , I felt like you just dumped me, I even almost cursed you.

Me : ahah is it up to that .

Faith : more than that self, I was really in love with you then, and no other guy had ever shown me love the way you did.

( In my mind I was like hmmmn within seven days na)

Me : well I’m sorry it happened that way, I guess there’s a mister behind this lovely looking face now.

Faith : hmmmn well not really jawe.

Me : why not, don’t tellme you weren’t involved in a relationship from then till now.

Faith : haba that’s not it, I dated like 2 guys after you left and my experience with them and the conclusion I had about you made me feel all guys ain’t reliable , they just chop and clean mouth, so I decided to turn down all request and focus on my studies.

Me : hmmmm such is life .

Faith : (changes topic) so what’s your discipline ?

Me : you said ?

Faith : I mean your course .

Me : (oh see this white garment bae forming posh) oh it’s CS.

Faith : meaning of cs ?

Me : ( yeah I got back on her ) it’s Computer Science.

Faith : okay mine is Quantity Survey (QS)

Me : okay nice course. But it’s not girlish.

We sha gisted and I spent close to two hours with her. I decided to have my leave around 4pm, because visitors are not allowed in the girls hostel after 4:30pm. We exchange digits and I bade her bye.

I decided to rush to time out to join krissh and the lost and found bosun.

To Be Continued…

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