-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 41

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

Secondly, vigorous awareness should be embarked upon by all and sundry about the dangers inherent in this way of life. Apart from being caught and sent to jail, there is also the danger of declaring negative things into your future as a youth by the kinds of things you have to say to your ‘client’ just to convince her to send money to you. Religious groups should embark on this awareness as what you declare now I believe, lies in wait for you in future. If you say your wife has died now and that your daughter has a specific disease or that you are attacked by armed robbers and beaten to the point of death, I believe you are declaring this things into your future and are putting you, your wife and your children in danger of the what they know nothing about.

Thirdly, I think the society should honor, reward and encourage creativity. Government should put long term rewards in place for creative achievement. Creativity should not just be praised and forgotten a while later. It should be encouraged. I also think laws should be put in place to protect creative ideas as is done in advanced countries of the world. The government should encourage the notion that wealth is not just money but ideas are also wealth and should be protected as they are intellectual properties. If the ordinary youth knows that his creativity will make a way for him in the society and that his ideas are protected by the constitution, he will be forced to think in constructive lines and work hard to make his money.

Fourthly, our educational sector should be revamped and made such as will make students creatively busy with an end in sight. Students don’t just want to study in school and then come out to start looking for jobs on the streets. A process should be put in place whereby the best students get the jobs and the security and jobs should not just be given out on man know man basis as is the case in our country today. Entrepreneurs should also be encouraged right from our institutions of higher learning so students can understand that they can be self employed right from tertiary institutions.

Fifthly, parents and guardians should monitor their children and wards well most especially when they go off to higher institutions as it has been discovered that on getting to the campus, students are in a world of their own and think they are free to do anything they like. This has encouraged nefarious activities and should stop henceforth. Parents should pay their wards occasional impromptu visits in their higher institutions of learning so as to have a feel of what the child is doing and the kind of life their child is living while their backs are turned.

Sixthly, morality should be preached at every nook and cranny of our society. Emphasis should be placed on integrity and honesty as against wealth and riches. A morally upright person will not engage in yahoo yahoo.

Seventhly, our internet service providers should also be properly monitored by government agencies and regulations put in place to put an end to unregulated surfing of the internet because it seems government is lacking in this regard.
Internet service providers should be encouraged to put internet traffic monitors in place so that any illegal activity going on on the internet will be quickly and easily picked up and necessary investigations made.

Eighthly, the corporate world should also be sensitized and sanitized so that they cease to aid and abet illegal activities. Banks should be notified and properly monitored and any member of staff found to be aiding and abetting criminals should be handed over to the law enforcement agencies and stringent measures taken to serve as deterrent to others.

Ninthly, law enforcement agents should also be properly monitored as it has been discovered that many of these agents use the arrests of these yahoo boys to enrich their individual pockets as the boys seem to have realized that all they need to do when they are caught is ‘settle’ the officer that caught them and all will be uhuru. This should stop and any agent found to have been involved in this act should be dealt with severely. Also, anyone caught engaging in this illegal act should be made to face the full wrath of the law to serve as deterrent to others.

I believe that if these steps are taken, the menace called yahoo yahoo will be reduced to its barest minimum if not completely eliminated from the Nigerian campuses and the society at large.



*iphekitan ran mad at that point with Cindy, and was deported. Back to naija, where he was brought home.

*His parent took his from places to places but he didn’t recover until seven years later, like the primate once said, seems it’s a 777 parole Afterall.

*After getting well, he was taken to a church where he confessed his sins, and an atonement was made for him.

*Iphekitan is now happily married with two kids , his into Online business , but this time, his into something legal. Most people don’t know their are thousands of ways to make money online than wasting their time on formats.

*Iphekitan now has a company of his own, and his well rich and ok, atleast his satisfied, his company is one of the leading companys into the binary, foreign exchange, web/design and development, recently he got to work with google part time and earn two million dollars in a month just from working with google alone.

Naija youths wisen up.

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