-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 40

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

*your name*…

Of course there is no doctor and there hasn’t been any accident. All that is just a scam; lies just to get your ‘client’ think you are in danger and considering that you are in a country where you have never been to and that Nigeria is known for its notoriety, your client thinks you are in real danger and quickly sends you the money. Hereafter, you then send another mail that might read something like this:

Thanks for the last time honey, your intervention was really timely and I will forever love and appreciate you for that. *daughter’s name* sends her greetings too and she is really dying to meet you but honey, there is another problem.

*daughter’s name* has an ailment and I hear from her guardian that she has had pains in her lower abdomen for a while now. The doctor says she needs appendectomy and the surgery will cost about $5000 combined with her post operative costs. This normally would not be a problem but for the fact that I have no access to my money from here as this place is a real hellhole, I am going to need your help again to save my daughter so she does not die. Please understand that I would not be putting this on you were it not for the fact that I have no other person to turn to and you are the only one that I can ask without being ashamed. I promise to repay as soon as I have access to my bank account. If I had my credit card, it would not be a problem but since my credit card has been lost in the attack, there is really nothing I can do from here. Please homey, I need your help! Don’t let my daughter die as her fate rests firmly in your hands now. I am waiting honey and time is of the essence now. Please dear make this work and I and jenny shall be eternally grateful to you. I don’t want to lose my daughter honey! Please save my soul! Thanks honey! Expecting…

*your name*
After this mail has been sent and you get the money, there is one more ‘bomb’ you will send if your ‘client’ is the very rich type. Your daughter has had the surgery and she is well and okay. Of course you can say there were complications from the surgery and so you need more money but that depends on the pocket of your ‘client’. Okay she has had the surgery. Now is time for you to go over to your client and with your daughter to meet her for the first time and because you lost your travelling documents in the attack, you send something like this:

Thanks for the last time and the time before that. How will I ever repay you honey? You have been a real blessing to me and I thank you for that. May God keep us together forever! Now we are ready to travel to come to you as *daughter’s name* is doing well now and has recovered from her surgery very well but my travelling papers have been lost in the attack and I need to make a new set and to do that, I will need about $2000. I am counting on you this one last time honey as I am really tired of this country. There is no electricity honey! Can you imagine that? It’s really hell in this place and I can’t wait to get out so honey, I am counting on you to please get me out of here so I can repay all my debts to you. Please honey I really am counting on you to do this last favor for me .it’s just my documents that I need as I had sent money to have *daughter’s name*’s done before I came here. Thanks honey, you are a real blessing to me. I will be expecting…


*your name*

So this is the last and final official ‘bomb’. After this, you release your ‘client’ and this can be done by just adding your ‘client’ to your ignore list on your messenger or deleting her ID altogether. This will make sure that you never get mail or message from her again.

Please note that in this type of yahoo yahoo, you could have up to 10 ‘clients’ at a time so you can start to imagine all the money at every stage multiplied by ten!


This type of yahoo yahoo deals with buying items from online auctioning websites. It is in two phases; actually buying the goods and sending them to a contact in the country of purchase who then sends it to the original buyer in Nigeria after certain commission has been paid and explaining to the seller via mail that you intend to send extra cost to take care of the shipping of the goods. You then ask the seller to send the extra cost by western union or money gram to the person in charge at the shipping agency who of course will be you or your contact.

You don’t actually pay. You just mail an alert in the name of pay pal or some other online payment solution websites or even some banks in the US for a given amount to the sellers ID. The seller of course on seeing the mail will think the money has actually been paid and will ship the goods to you or send the extra after deducting the amount you agreed on to the shipping agent (you) by western union or money gram. You will have the money and by the time the seller discovers he has been scammed, it will be too late and you address will be totally untraceable because it was just made up for that purpose.

This process of course is not this simple as I have intentionally omitted some important steps so this write-up is not taken as a yahoo yahoo textbook or guide. This is just a researcher’s experience in the world of yahoo yahoo and should be taken as such.


First, I would like to state here that the above write-up is strictly my experience and I cannot give any names of anybody involved in this research so that the integrity of the research will not be compromised so law enforcement agents, I am sorry I cannot help you. Having said that, I shall proceed to analyze ways I think that this menace can be curbed and ways through which our campuses and the society at large can be made yahoo boys free.

First and most important way is to create an enabling future for the youths in this country. A future where every youth can stand up and be counted, this kind of future is a function of an enabling society; a society where intellect thrives, a society where the youth are not taught by our so called leaders that wealth is everything and that being rich and flaunting the wealth is all that matters. The society should honor integrity and honesty more than wealth. As an ordinary observer can see from this write-up, the process of yahoo yahoo is a very simple yet complex process. The yahoo boy has to put his brain to task every time, he has to think ahead of his ‘client’ and must already have a prepared answer for every question his ‘client’ might ask. He must anticipate questions in advance and must not mumble. He even has to mimic a foreigner’s accent when talking with his ‘client’ on the phone just to make sure he earns the ‘clients’ trust and love. It this is not intelligence, I wonder what is. This goes to show that the ordinary Nigerian youth is intelligent and he only needs to re-direct his intelligence to something not criminal.

To Be Continued…

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