-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

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This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

It all started with my curiosity. I was wondering what the yahoo boy does that makes him really rich and influential on our Nigerian campuses. I wondered what it will be like to actually be in the shoes of the yahoo boy, to examine the process from the beginning to the end so I would be able to think like them and participate in the process from beginning to the end.

Thus started my sojourn into the life and activities of a yahoo boy and I shall try to break down the process into stages and try to explain each stage accordingly based on my experience. This write up should not be seen as a guide to yahoo yahoo but as an independent observer’s thoughts on the process and implications of being a yahoo boy. I tried to become a yahoo boy myself and learnt the process to be able to analyze the whole matter. Up until now, many of my friends that knew me when I embarked on this project would still not believe that it was just an experiment but then, I had to make it look real as that is that only way through which I will be able to relate with these people and learn from them.

There are various types of yahoo yahoo common on campus today but I shall dwell mainly on the two most common types basically because these are the types that my research was based on. These two types are theDATINGand theCLASSIFIEDtypes of yahoo yahoo. I shall be explaining what each of these kinds entail in details later in this write-up but first, I will like to examine the basic stages involved in the yahoo yahoo business.

This is the stage where an individual shows interest in the yahoo thing after he has been intimidated and bamboozled into thinking it is the only way through which he would make it to the big leagues on campus. This stage involves getting close to the guys in the business and trying to learn from them, the intricacies of the yahoo yahoo ‘profession’. This is the stage where the student is taught the various ‘formats’ to be used and the various ways to go about getting a ‘client’ as they call it formally or ‘maga’ or ‘mayee’ informally and how to get your ‘client’ to trust you and to fall hopelessly in love with you (in the case of yahoo yahoo by Dating) or taught how to go about ‘bombing’ clients (in the case of the kind of yahoo yahoo called ‘Classified’).

This stage is usually the introductory stage and it is at this stage that you are told the very important materials required in the yahoo yahoo business.

These materials include a laptop or desktop computer with constant internet connection and the most important material of all; your time. To succeed in the ‘Dating’ kind of yahoo yahoo, you need at least 5 to 6 hours a day of chatting with your ‘client’ so as to get the maximum benefits of the game while in the ‘Classified’ kind of yahoo yahoo, you need about 4 to 5 straight hours of internet browsing to get the most benefits. Having done all these, you are now ready to move to the next stage in the game.

This stage involves setting up your equipment and logging on to the internet. This is where the real work is and is the stage that determines whether you will be a good yahoo boy or not.

This is the stage where your ‘client’ sends money to you through western union or money gram depending on the transfer method you asked him or her to use.

This, in my opinion is the most important and yet dangerous stage of all but to some, it is the easiest part of the game. This is when you go to the bank or western union center to actually cash the money that has been sent to you by your ‘client’. You go to a fake ID card center, get a fake ID card made in the name of the person to whom the ‘client’ has sent the money and proceed to the bank to cash the money. It is easy to get caught at this stage because you are actually putting yourself out in the open and you could be easily arrested by the EFCC and other law enforcement agencies. Please note that what is done here is you have a bank where one or more of the employees is on the payroll of these yahoo boys. This ensures that whatever transpires is completely under the radar and shielded from the knowledge of the law enforcement agencies, on getting there, you simply walk up to your man and present your fake ID cards. He in turn checks the western union portal to confirm that such an amount of money has been sent and then pays you accordingly.

I shall try to explain the 2 types yahoo yahoo we are dealing with here:

To Be Continued…

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