-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 37

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Thirty Six, read it HERE!!!

She. Took a moment to look directly into my eyes, and I also kept the
gaze on, guess she saw love in my eyes, but all that was in my mind
was my ambition.

I was at the hotel with cindy till around 6pm, she insisted I spend
the evening with her. But I declined telling her, “her friend is

Cindy : she’s gonna leave in a minute

(she stood up to meet linda in the other room, and in no time linda
was dressed, and she left us in the room).

Cindy gave me a smiled of satisfaction, I was sitting on the couch,
and before then she was sitting on the couch, beside mine, but this
time, she came to join me on the couch I was, there was little or no
space at al for her so she ended up sitting on my laps.

She smiled and kept using her fingers to trace my cheek, I also
responded with a smile.

In short that romantic moment later ended up in a s*x session and I
slept there over.

Waking up the next morning, I tiptoed to where I dropped my phone,
Cindy was still asleep, I met series of missed calls from my guys,
especially from Lokman, maybe they felt I was caught up in some sort
of ish, that was why I didn’t come home last night.

I then went to the toilet to make a call.

I decided to call Lokman my closest partner in crime. To gist him
about the latest.

Me : hello you still on bed

Lokman : geez, glad you are still alive.

Me : (lolz) what do you mean ?

Lokman : we are tried your number all through yesterday and you didn’t
pick up, so we were having fears.

Me : no need guy, have got everything under control.

Lokman : so how was it ?

Me : the lady was easy, and everything was easy, I was just flowing,
guess what ?

Lokman : what ?

Me : we ended up having s*x.

Lokman : Bad guy, you are bad than I thought! You really got
everything under control, just be careful, not to get to intimate with

Me : no qualms now, no feelings, would just try and get some couple of
cash of her, she seems really rich.

(Heard a sound at the other side of the toilet door)

I ended the call sharply and opened the door.

Lo and behold, It was linda (Cindy’s Friend) I saw standing few meters
away from the door. Cindy was still asleep.

She was looking entirely different from yesterday, as in she was da*mn
pretty, I never knew I had a thing for the whites, but after my
adventure with cindy last night, getting under Linda’s Skirt became a
fantasy for me. I was only in my briefs, so my packs was revealing,
But I was still wondering if she was listening to my call

Me : Good Morning

Linda : Morning Mister (smiling)

Me : you just came around hun. ?

Linda : Yeah, just came to check on my sister, if you haven’t eaten
her up over night.

Me : ahah that’s hilarious, ain’t gonna eat her up. She’s a person I
hold very dearly to my heart !

Linda : are you sure about that ? (Smirk)

Me : yeah of course.

Then I heard a sound, I looked towards the bed and I saw Cindy
smiling, she was awake.

Cindy : Hmmmn guess you two are getting along pretty quick.

Me : hmmmmn morning my lady , guess you slept well ?

Cindy : absolutely thanks to you (winks), but I have to get some
things, next door. Let me take my bath.

Me : have to take my bath also, guess I should be going back to my friends.

Linda : what’s the rush all about, chill and spend some time with us,
God knows when next we would get to see you.

Cindy : Seconded, you ain’t leaving yet, I won’t take up to an hour I
promise, when I get back, you can then take your leave.

Me : okay as you wish.

Few minutes later, she took her bath and left Linda and I in the room,
I also went to take my bath, and on getting out the bathroom, I met
linda on the bed almost Unclad.

I tried ignoring her, and pack my stuffs to move to the next room, but
her voice stopped me.

Linda : do you really wanna turn your back on me ?


She then stood up and took a few steps to the spot I was standing. She
touched my back slightly with her tender hands.

Oh Linda , have always knows ladies called linda to be cunny, because
the name linda actually means snake.

The soft touch led to another thing and we ended up having a quickie,
I dressed up and went to the other room. While she was practically
exhausted, I shook my head, these whites are not even that strong, she
was exhausted at what I called a quickie.

Few minutes later, Cindy came back with a bag fool of clothes which I
guess was for me.

Cindy : I’d like to know your place.

Me : no, we could do that some other day.

Cindy : I would really love to experience another session of last night (Winks)

Me : Funny you, have got to go.

Cindy : okay how about tonight, your place.

Me : my place ? (I tried to absorb that word, because frankly I can’t
take her to the hostel)

Cindy : yeah, am sure you won’t deny me of that right.

Me : yeah of course.

In no time I bid the two lady bye and took my leave.

I got outside and hailed a cab, straight to Kuala Lumpur.

I got to the hostel and the guys were glad to see me, I gisted Lokman,
about the full show, and told him I needed a place to call my own.

Lokman : you could just give her the address of an hotel. And tell her
you lodged in an hotel.

Me : hmmmn you sure that would work.

Lokman : it should, but really bleep up, you shouldn’t have bleeped
the other lady.

Me : guy , there are some things you can’t just control

Lokman : okay if you say so.

I spent the rest of the day resting.

When it was around 5pm that same day I got a call from cindy, telling
me to send the address, that she’s coming anytime soon.

Lokman took me to the poshest Hotel around there.
I lodged in and sent Cindy the address of the hotel.

Few hours later she came around, and I welcomed her in.
Thank God she didn’t come along with Linda.

Cindy : so you lodge in an hotel also.

Me : yeah of course. Like I told you, I was just here for business,
and for you (holding her hands and looking to her eyes)

She blushed

Later in the evening, we had our dinner at the restaurant of the
hotel, before proceeding back to my room.

The unexpected happened, while we were having like the third round of
s*x, I was on top and she was underneath and it was like she was
talking to someone else, I was still pushing in real hard. I wasn’t
even minding the fact that she was talking alone. Or talking to an

Until she held me all of a sudden.

Cindy : you are Bleeping with the devil.

Me : (I smiled and and turned her over to a doggy position) guess the
devil is enjoying it.

I kept going on and on, till I was getting tired. But I was still
hard, I lied down, while she was riding me on top. Then all of a
sudden, like magic, she was neither on top of me nor on the bed, she
was in the air above me, floating, mehn she was breaking the rule of
science, I was shocked by this.

Then she started laughing.

Cindy : you think it’s only africa that has witch, hun, you think I
don’t know who you are, and what you have been doing ? Ahahah this
would be you last.. Have a nice time Bleeping with the devil.

To Be Continued…

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