-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 35

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

Got back to the hostel and met the trio busy with their pc severally.
Initially, it was just lokman that was aware of my parole with cindy,
others knew nothing. When entered the room, with my new look they
concluded in their mind that I was meeting someone.
Bosun : Alaye see how you look like a clown.
Lokman : Damn, don’t mind this nigga. You looking dope. She’s gonna
stand on her toes on sighting you.

Dharmie : hmmmn and who is the she ?
Me : not what you are thing she’s just a client.
Bosun : No wonder, by the last time I check, you ain’t a fashionista.
Me : Whatever.
Dharmie : you should have told us earlier now, so we could give you some OT.
Me : Na it’s not too late na.
They all gave me some helpful tips to make sure there were no flaws.
I switched on my pc to hustle and check in my mails. I checked my
yahoo mail, and I saw a message from Cindy, asking for my number,
stating it would be good and easy for us to meet.
I replied her back and send her my malaysian number. Guess she was
online then. Because she called instantly.
Cindy : Good Afternoon
Me : Good Afternoon Miss.
Cindy : it’s cindy on the line.
Me : I can tell already.
Cindy : hmmmn how come?
Me : Around what time are we meeting up today (evading the question)
Cindy : I’d be much delighted if you can come over and join me in the
hotel where I lodge.
Me : No problem and where is that ?
Cindy : Cyprus Hotel at Fountain Ridge in the the next 2hours.
Me : As you wish my lady.
Cindy : My lady!
Me : (Chuckles) alright catch you later.
Hung up.
Though I really neveR knew where Fountain Ridge is talk less of a
hotel situated there. But thanks to technology, I switch to google map
on my phone. And saw the location, my estimated calculation was a two
hours drive.
I didn’t hesitate, I informed my geeks am off. And they bade me farewell.
Bosun final words were ” be careful of eke oh”
Dami would understand that, but I doubt if Lokman knows what eke is,
well I got his point. I stepped out and hailed a cab, I gave him the
description of where I was heading to and he agreed.
Then the cab man started his engine and drove on. All through the
journey I had my bluetooth headset to my head and was listening to
cool naija jamz. Nigeria music were always good morale booster.
The cab later dropped me in front of the Hotel hours later. I paid him
off, then took a cursory look around. I went into the restaurant
section of the hotel and ordered a wine.
A cool wine to reduce my nervousness.
Then placed a call to Cindy informing her I was around.

To Be Continued…

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