-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 34

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

I really learnt a lot from Lokman, crucial but usually unnoticed
stuffs like renaming a pictures by date, such as if you download a
picture or probably re-edit a picture, to make more sense, you can
save it with date. Most phones save pictures in date format e.g
20170607.jpg or Img_07_05.jpg , “little things like this count” said
Lokman. “Even the whites are now getting wise”.
And back to the actual reason that pushed me to Malaysia.
A week after I got the mail from Cindy, informing me of her presence
in Malaysia as we have agreed to meet. I mailed her back then that I
was too busy but would make it the coming week, which was this week.
I intentionally waited till friday, I then mailed her that have landed also.
She rushed series of mails to me inquiring about where I was and if
she could come over, but I cut her expectations short, replying her I
came around with friends, and I was staying with a friend. She then
We eventually agreed to meet the next day (Saturday), I updated Lokman
about the parole, and he reacted like he was shocked.
Lokman : what ! Tomorrow!
Me : yeah , Tomorrow is okay right ?
Lokman : man, you’ve got to work on you intonation, your english has
to be faster and more fluent than this.
Me : (smiled, changed my style of speaking to queens men type) And who
told ya, I couldn’t do that already, have planned this for quit a
while, so I know my game.
Lokman : (Laughing) Damn ! You are the man. Seriously you never cease
to surprise me.
With the way you talked now, man you good to go.
Me : now you are talking.
That night I didn’t sleep early enough, I google searched for video
tutorials on how to increase speed pace of speaking english. I watched
the clips and practiced to self satisfaction.
Very early the next day, I went to a saloon, in school, gave them a
picture of a white guy’s hairstyle I saw online. And told them to
twist my hair to the style. Mehn they didn’t to perfection, I was
feeling myself.

To Be Continued…

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