-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 32

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

Life is Malaysia has been easy, I find it very easy to adapt there,
only God knows why.
I and Lokman became more closer than the rest of the guys. And hardly
could anyone think I was a foreigner, because of my appearance, I was
looking more of an indigenes than lokman himself. I was fair in
complexion and due to the modeling issh in the past. Have become
fresher and have know how to keep my precious body in shape.
Yeah talking about that, I recollect a particular mail I got on my
gmail tagged luciana, the was a particular guy who mailed me.
On seeing the mail, I knew it was a typical nigerian guy format. It
was one of those old formats have used.
I smiled to myself. I just mailed him back.
“Omo Iya (My brother from another mother) You try this format is
stale, na we we”
Immediately the guy replied.
“Lol bros tuale o”
I didn’t even bother to reply him.
Nigerian sha.
I recollect another adventure of mine in malaysia prior to when Cindy
came around.
I was in the club with Lokman and some other friends of Lokman. When
some guys came in, by mere sighting them, I knew they were Nigerian,
but for my mind, I tried to believe they weren’t here for the same
purpose as me.
They were three guys, putting on their various football club jersey,
at the back they had their name customized.
The First guy – “Ay Money”
The Second guy – “Cybermoney”
The Third guy – “MMM”
I was just sipping my drink and smiling, it’s like those guys weren’t
pre informed before they got to male, They were just flaunting money
and catching fun while lokman and I couldn’t help but to stare at
Lokman : Guy ain’t those guys from your side.
Me : You are absolutely right.
Lokman : Is everybody from your side this cynical ?
Me : not at all, it’s just obvious these one ain’t wise.
Lokman : just watch, they would get their Buttocks behind bars in a matter
of days, with this attitude of theirs.
Me : I guess so. They are really immature, must they add the tag money
to their name, must everyone know they have doe. Especially this one
called Cybermoney. It’s glaring from his name that his a fraud star,
Lokman : You know what ?
Me : what ?
Lokman : Let’s leave here ?
Me : why ?
Lokman : I smell trouble.
Me : okay if you say so.
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We both head out of the club, and entered into the club’s car park,
were lokman’s car was intitally, the car park was situated at the back
of the club and the road out was in front of the club. So Lokman drove
and lo and behold. We heard the siren of the cops.
Mehn Lokman just slowed down. Guess what happened.
The cops went into the club, Lokman and I were in the car,
anticipating what was about to happen, and as expected, the cops
bundled out the three naija guys we saw earlier. They were been
handled roughly.
Lokman was smiling.
Me : you said it and it happened.
Lokman : let’s go please, there are ways things happen around here.
You don’t just come and show case yourself all over the place.

To Be Continued…

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