-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 30

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

Leaving my guys in Gombe wasn’t an easy thing for me to do, have
gotten too much attached,but a guy has to live his life.
The day after my passing out parade, I had been processing, so on that
day I left for malaysia via Abuja (ABV) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL).
When I landed, bosun came to pick me up with a car at the Airport, he
drove to his hostel in Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University, Malaysia.
Before now, I never knew bosun was schooling in malaysia, I always
thought he was just there to hustle. I couldn’t hold the question in
any longer. Immediately we got to his room. I saw some other three
guys, two of which look like a nigerian, and the third a citizen of
Me : Bosun omo na you o
B.B : how was the flight ?
Me : have never spent that much hours on a plane before mehn, this
country seems calm o.
B.B : Na you sabi, sha take your time and rest. You will need it.
Later in the day.
B.B : o boy wake up.
I was awake initially but my eyes were closed.
B.B : there are few things you’ve got to understand about this place,
things are not as they seem. As a nigerian here, they jail nigerians
anyhow. So use your head o.
Me : I grab.
B.B : Any ways meet my guys, we are in the game together.
Me : seriously so you are really a student here.
B.B : yeah am here as a student. I never forgo my education for once
now. YY is just an attachment.
Me : Hmmmn guy now you.
B.B : Na you sabi, like I was saying meet, Dharmie Richie, his
specialized in wire transfer and cheque cloning. (Pointing to him, I
shook hands with him) And this my guy Frank, his a full time guy into
dating, so just feel free to ask him anything. And lastly, our eyes
and ears here, lokman, his into everything and he has links in banks,
with the policemen and talk of anything.
Me : Nice meeting you bosses , am your guy, hope to learn from you.
Dharmie : mister no dey dull o, you don become one of us niyen.
Lokman : you are welcome nigga, guys let’s hit the street, with time
we would get to know each other better.
Though I was still feeling tired from the flight, but I just have to
mingle, We all went outside, since it was a friday evening, bosun
drove the car to Vertigo Club.
Omo I thought naija babes are plum, but at that club I was just
amazed, ladies were just free styling, everyone was dancing, the
drinks served in the club were different from the ones here in naija.
But as a gee, I must not appear awkward. I kept mingling.
Lokman noticed I kept to myself , siping my drink by a corner.
He just jump on the sit next to me.
Lokman : guy how far now ?
Me : I’m good
Lokman : see how you acting like a lone ranger. Mister mingle, catch
fun, do you need a girl.
Me : you know I have to calm down and watch before I start mingling now.
Lokman : nah , look here, girls here are very easy, just speak
english, and just english. No nigeria intonation, speak fluent
english, besides you’ve got the looks, I bet most of these girls are
dieing to dance with you.
Me : (smiling) guy just free me jawe.
Bosun who was intially lost in a dance with a babe, noticed lokman
talking to me, he also joined us.
B.B : Lokman how far ?
Lokman : This you guy isn’t in vogue at all, his just dulling.
B.B : ife looking here, in this club, it’s zero dulling. Common get on
the dance floor.
Na so I just stood up and join them, and lo and behold, the girls in
the club were the one who approached me where I was dancing alone, one
by one they kept coming, and with the drink I had drank, I was already
tipsy, so I really didn’t no what was going on any longer. I just kept
dancing and having fun.
As in I was feeling at home already.
I didn’t dull foR real.

To Be Continued…

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