-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 19

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

From that incident have learnt not to trust anyone. And I was more
mindful of eke anywhere I went.
I lived my life quite lowkey during my remaining days in ib. I
finished my I.T two months later, I submitted the Mobile App I
developed for them and taught them how to use it.
my send forth day was also the day the App was launched so dignitaries
came from different branches of the company, requesting for my help
with creating the d App also. Doors of blessings were just opened

before me.

I went back to Futa for my Final Year , I stayed at krissh domot for
road block permanently , krissh and I were so much into YY that no
amount in our account was satisfying. Anytime we feel we have over
spent during a weekend, we sit down and put our heads together to
think of new formats to get doe’s from maye’s.
I defended my project quiet easily before those professors because I
was a guy of confidence and I was very much knowlegible about what I
was defending.
It was during my final exams that things took a new turn, I knew I
wasn’t really good with definitions and cramming. And I can’t afford
to stay an extra year in school, so I resorted to mingling with some
unserious course mates of mine, they are from rich families I guess.
And what they do during exams is approach the most intelligent but
corrupt course mate of ours, a guy called stephen, he had the ability
to predict almost correctly what the lecturer would set for exams. So
stephen would jot, then the rest of them would make photocopies in the
nearest cafe and shared it amongst themselves, I connected to them to
tap from the anointing also. During exams girls would come and sit
near us to tap also.
I eventually graduated with a third class from Futa and was shipped
off to the North for NYSC. A new facet of my life, I remembered how I
felt when I found out I was to serve in the North. A good illustration
of how I felt would be that beat up bbm smiley. I was the butt of my
friend’s jokes as they were posted to more favorable locations. The
fact I had bragged about working my service to lagos state made it
even more painful.
The first thing I did was to purchase and end of discussion. To make
my movements within the state easy, I could have bought a better car,
but knew my days are numbered in Nigeria.
Well serving in Gombe had it’s perks. Orientation camp was mightly
fun. I met some fellow Futa guys there, though we never rapped back
then I Futa, but because of the new found situation, we became
We quickly developed a reputation for ourselves as a result of
spending spree at the mammy market. We became friends with nost of the
soldiers and Man O’ War. Guys (so we didn’t partake in the parade or
obstacle courses), dated the finest girls in camp. We were IT! . For
the first ten days or so, I hooked up with one fine ibo girl, chisom
from Imsu. Things got complicated when one of the NYSC officials
developed an interest in her as well. She felt she needed him to help
secure her re deployment. As a sharp nigga, I paved way.
It’s funny how we see our selves as players in camp because it was
easy to get girls, when in fairness, these girls just wanna have fun.
Most of them were either married or engaged, so they viewed the NYSC
as their last hoorah. My guy Alfred, experienced this first hand.
He dated the biggest girl in camp, she spent money on him and after
camp they lived together in a nice, cosy apartment she paid for. He
was the envy of all. One morning this girl woke up and told him she
was traveling to lagos…. For her wedding!!!.. Alfred was stunned! We
all were. She didn’t even mention for once she had been engaged. Poor
Alfred has to leave their cosy apartment at federal low cost, to squat
with some of his buddies.
After camp, I was posted to a village called Kumu, in Akko LGA to
teach computer studies. I was wondering how a working boy like me
would cope in a class as a teacher but I’av got no options,it’s a
service to the nation. The village was barely a 40minutes drive away
from the state capital so I lived in the capital and went to the
village once every week. The first day I walked into class, the
students, some who could barely speak english were all exicted,
calling me “Young Corper”, I decided to teach them that day for about
After the teaching.
Me : class do you understand ?
Students: Ba Turanchi!!! (Meaning No English)
Mehn that was the last day I taught them anything. In fact, I went to
the school only to obtain my clearance letters. I still view the
entire NYSC scheme as a waste of time, a brilliant initiative which
has outlived it’s importance. So rather than wasting time teaching
students who fail to understand either by their own fault or the
corper’s inability to teach, the federal government should channel the
time and resources into educating graduates on skill acquisition,
entrepreneurship, SMEs and job procurement by coaching them on how to
prepare a standard resume or approach a job interview, simple skills
yet lacking in many graduates. Sadly, elements in the government view
the NYSC as a lucrative money – making scheme.
Hence enough time for me to face yy full time.

To Be Continued…

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