-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 18

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

In the cab, I was Sitting in the middle with a police man sitting on
each of my side.

All that was going through my mind was who would I contact ? I can’t
call home, because I can’t afford to face their questioning.

After few minutes of them driving around aimlessly, they parked by the
road side. The officer sitting in the front sit beside the driver
turned to face me.

Officer : who are you ?

Me : am ife an I.T student, I work….

Officer 2 : (Cuts in) shut up and answer only what was asked!

Officer 1 : we are ware of what you went in there to do, so save
yourself the stress of telling lies, because I won’t buy it, let’s
just make a mutual agreement.

**//I decided to concur to see where the discussion is leading//**

Me : so what now ?

Officer 1 : settle us with 150k and be on your way.

Me : (shocked) you say wetin ? 150 what?, from where should I get that ?

Officer 2 : you are still trying to form innocently, like you can’t
afford to pay ten times of that hun?

Me : seriously this is injustice o, I don’t even know what I did wrong
and you are roping me .

(Gbosa, a hot slap landed on my face)

Me : ahah this is unfair o.

Officer 2 : that should tell you what you did wrong, or you still
don’t know, make I enlighten you (raising his hand up again)

Me : ah I understand sir.

Officer 1 : are you still trying to prove stubborn ?

Me : not at all sir

officer 1 : no problem, by the time we get to the station, you will be
paying double of what I requested for. (Faces the driver). Drive to
the station.

In the cab, they collected my phone and my wallet, one officer was
going through my wallet, while the other was flipping through my

We got to the station and I was pushed behind the counter , where I
sat on a bench. I was vexed, so I started voicing out.

Me : at least let me call my people and inform them have been arrested.

A female officer by the counter : will you keep shut, you will call
your people when the need arises.

Later I was taken to a closed room, the first officer talking to me in
the cab initially came in smiling.

Officer : we know what you are and what you went to do there, do you
think you can fool us by dressing corporate. We can identify a
criminal when we see one no matter how you tried to clown yourself.

Me : am just an I.T student, sir I don’t know what you are talking about.

(Another officer came in with a book and a pen, dropped it on the
table before me and left)

Officer : now pick up that pen and write your statement.

Me : **//writing a statement without doing anything wrong precisely, I
wrote about how I was unlawfully arrested//**

Officer : (going through what I was writing as I was writing, snatched
the pen from me) this is rubbish! Rubbish! You will spend your days in
a certified prison if you don’t co-operate with me.

Me : but I can’t I just make a phone call to inform someone have been arrested.

Officer : no problem (he went and brought in my phone)

I called sam’s number, but it’s was replying “the number you’ve dialed
is currently switch off, please try again later”, I then place a call
through to krissh, because I know his experienced with eke’s in Ib.

Me : hello

Krissh : ife how far ? Why is your voice like this ?

Me : o boy , I dey inside eke’s custody right now.

Krissh : sho! Wetin happen ?

Me : (The officer was staring at me , so I was trying to be mindful of
my words) they are yet to explain why they accused me.

Krissh : is your phone clean ?

Me : not really

Krissh : Sh*t! With that, they may have something on you, in no time,
just settle them and pay your way out.

Me : it’s not ideal now, for no reason.

Krissh : that my advice for you, if you don’t wanna sleep there.

Me : alright!

Hung up.

Officer : are you ready to co-operate with me ?

Me : how much will do !

Officer : like I told you earlier, once your issue gets here, it’s
double the amount I asked for earlier.

Me : ah ah how come ? Besides I don’t have up to that, to be sincere.

OFficer : your problem not mine, you can choose not to pay and end up
behind bars. I have more colleagues to settle now, the ball is in your

Me : oga 80k should do na!

OFficer : you dey craze, do I look like a beggar, 100k and that’s all,
no bargaining.

Me : okay 100 but I would just withdraw and the bank would have close by now.

Officer : there is an Atm in your wallet, you can make use of that.

**//God punish Atm//**

Officer : remove your belt, a officer would follow you to the ATM,
where you would withdraw and come back here together, before you get
your things and be released.

**// chai God punish Sam, where ever he his//**

Me : okay sir, as you wish.

I removed my belt and gave the officer, he then led me outside and
handed me over to another officer, before giving me my ATM also.

The officer led me to a waiting bike man and ordered me to get on,
which I did, the bike drove us to the nearest bank, where I withdraw
the money and gave it to the officer.
The bike then took us back to the station.
We met the officers at the counter smiling.
The lady officer at the counter, gave me some documents to sign and
gave me my belongings, then told me am free to leave.

Hmmm what a bad evening for me, I pray I have no issues with the
police in the future, I was also cursing sam on my way home, I got
home around 9pm and made my way to my room and retired for the night.

To Be Continued…

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