-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 17

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)…

Two months later.
Krissh had gone back to Akure
Almost two months to the ending of my I.T, the mobile app is ready but
I am yet to reveal it to the management. Things went on normal in the
previous months, nothing dramatic, sandra choose to ignore me, not my
problem, faith had resumed back to school. So I was just busy with
work and yy and on friday evenings I’d go out to flex.

It was one of this friday night I met this guy called sam. I was in
the bar having my drink codedly, I don’t relate with people much,
guess am an introvert.

The sam of a guy sat on a chair opposite mine, and he kept staring at
me, when I started finding his stare absurd, I drink the last cup of
the trophy I was drinking and headed out of the bar.

Few meters from the bar, I noticed someone was following me, I looked
back and lo and behold it was the same guy from the bar approaching.
I stood gidigba, ready for anything.

Sam : hello I’m samson by name.

Me : hello how may I help you.

Sam : I’m a friend of yours from facebook, and I do feel those frosh
pictures of yours, you should recollect now, the samson who told you
to teach him yy on facebook back then from krissh.

Me : ( I remembered vividly, no wonder his face waS familiar) yeah I Remember

Sam : nice meeting physically boss.

Me : it’s a pleasure

Sam : about that stuff, are you still into it

Me : (trying to be cautious) Nah

Sam : why ? If I may ask

Me : wasn’t just making much from it, so I discarded it

Sam : well am into it big time, let’s go back in and talk while we drink.

we went back to the bar and he told me a lot about himself, from our
conversation, I could deduce that his into goods. but his dressing was
to casual for a yy nigga who is getting it.

I insist I wasn’t into yy all through the conversation, told him I was
just a student.

From then on we became friends and we balled and rock together.


On a certain friday, as fate would have it, I was in my office ,
preparing to leave for home around 3pm, when sam’s call came through.

Sam : hello ife

Me : wassup ?

Sam : am outside your office right now

Me : okay am already packing my things to leave for home.

Sam : alright waiting, I need you for a deal.

Me : alright.

Hung up.

I picked my bag and joined him in is SUV parked opposite my office.

Sam : ife how far, I need you to help me pick up some stuffs at the
post office .

Me : why me ?

Sam : you are dressing corporate, so no one would suspect you.

Me : are you sure, because I don’t want issues with eke

Sam : yeah , fear not.

He gave me the details of the goods am to pick up and the necessary documents.
He drove me to the front of the post office , and waited in the car ,
while I went in.

Approaching the entrance of the post office , I saw a man in his late
forties making a phone call. I ignored and went in.

I met a woman by the desk and she brought the package out, and
unsealed in front of me, it was a gold wristwatch ,a laptop and a ps2.
She was like I have to pay some certain amount of money to pick it. I
was disappointed because sam never told me this, so I informed her I
would be back. I then left the office for outside, opening the gate to
step out, I met four uniform me waiting for me.

I was agitating, it’s unexpected, didn’t sam said no cause for alarm.

I looked towards where he parked initially, he wasn’t there anymore. I
didn’t no what to do next, various things were going through my mind.

The uniform men with the inscription SAS on their uniform approached
me when they saw me.

Officer 1 : mister you have to come with us.

I didn’t even argue, from escapades have heard from people, the best
thing is to keep quiet and follow them. To avoid been mishandled, they
pushed me into a micra cab they parked. And drove off.

To Be Continued…

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