-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 14

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Thirteen, read it HERE!!!

I dressed smartly & sat on my bed, staring at the wall clock in my
room, I was reluctant to go to work that morning but I just have to
go, I was in my room still sitting though totally dressed and ready, I
reminiscenced on events of the latter days, I was lost in thoughts
yet I couldn’t pin point where I made a mistake or where I might have
went wrong to the extent of losing my manhood. I recollect the last
person I had s*x with was faith. And I know she isn’t possessive about
me to the extent of zapping off my erectness. I also thought about my
life , my deeds and actions in years. From that day in the barber’s
shop till date. I felt maybe it was my past hunting me. I then
remembered the words of the Alfa who helped me the jazz then. I
remembered his warnings, hmmm I hope this not the repercussion

I was still lot in my world of thoughts when I was interrupted by a
call , from the least person I expected. Sandra!

Me : hello good morning

Sandra : morning, it’s past nine and you are not here yet. The
director just asked for you minutes ago, the team leader has to cover
up for you.

Me : oh I’d be in office in a matter of minutes , the traffic is kinda
slow (I lied)

Sandra : hmmm

Me : why the hmmm.

Sandra : you don’t even know how to lie, how can you be on the highway
and everything would be silent like this.

Me : no…(she cuts in)

Sandra : sha get you Buttocks here asap.

Hung up.

Ish only Gods knows why she really called, it’s not like she would
still care after the ish which happened the other day. Well her call
that morning gave me some relief, I guess she won’t talk about it to
anyone after all.

I hurried out of the house and went to work that morning and
everything went well, by the time I got home late in the evening, I
still had the nerve to hustle a bit, did a little of over payment on
some couple of sites and it’s like I new the most needed goods so I
got requests.
I was also face booking by the side, I was checking the latest feeds
when I got a message from bosun, mehn tz been a while have heard from
him, well we ain’t that close anymore since he got back from southy.

B.B : hello

Me : bosun xup ?

B.B : I’m gentle, you still on with this habit of neglecting person hun?

Me : no vex jae, work has been tedious lately.

B.B : what work is that o, by the last time I check , you were still a
working boy.

Me : ish you’ve miss a lot, well I don start my I.T

B.B : sho! And where you dey work ?

Me : just working as an I.T guy in an electricity distribution company
here in ib.

B.B : cool, guess it would really be stressful for you, uhn a working
boy in a corporate arena, that’s weird.

Me : Na u sabi

B.B : well I don back go malay.

Me : ahah your Buttocks no dey stay one place

B.B : anyhow when last have you been to iya primate’s domot.

Me : oh boy, he don tey, I neva show for there since that time when I
spent 7days there.

B.B : ah!

Me : what’s that for ?

B.B : you are almost finished, didn’t she tell you to come back or anything.

Me : I don’t get you, she only said I can come back to show some
appreciation when I start making doe.

B.B : wait I guess that was Five years ago right.

Me : yea

B.B : geez you have just two years left, you should be seeing signs already sef.

Me : wait bosun , you begining to scare me, what’s this all about ?
Two years left as how.

B.B : it’s better you just go back to her as soon as possible, g2g for now.

Me : hum okay.

Mehn now this is what I call a thin line between life and death.
It’s all now connecting.why didn’t I ever thought of going back sef. Geez.
I then decide to update krissh, he picked up straight.

Me : elo

Krissh : ife boy, how far ?

Me : am so jonzed right now

Krissh : wetin happen ?

I told krissh about the whole stuff.

Krissh : guy seems like dey follow you from your village

Me : ahaha I just finish chatting with him, na so I call you.

Krissh : well it’s really correlative with your current predicament,
stop dulling and find time to go to the church.

Me : hmmmn haven’t been there all this while, so I can’t just go there
with empty hands, beside faith would be there.

Krissh : see you, you have faith as a leverage already.

Me : so what should I do ?

Krissh : people like iya primate won’t collect cash from you so just
call faith and ask her what the church might be needing, so you can
get it along when going to her mother.

Me : hmmmn true talk o.

Krissh : well am landing tomorrow and not wednesday anylonger.

Me : so where would you be staying.

Krissh : in an hotel of course.

Me : smh! You could have come to my place now, but your cassanovaness
won’t be permitted in my parents house, so I guess the hotel is really
best for you, at least you can even afford to pay for a year’s stay in
any hotel, you are capable.

Krissh : sharrap jae, gotta go.

Me.: no qualms

Hung up

I didn’t waste time I dialed faith number straight, I guess I still
had a soft spot in her heart, I apologized for neglecting her all the
while, and I framed my story for her sha. She informed me I could help
by getting the church a sound system, and I told her I’d be in her
church by sunday.

Now everything seems somehow easy but facing iya primate is still a
task to me, but I really need to understand what bosun mean’t by “you
have just two years left”, hmmn left for what?

To Be Continued…

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