-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 12

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Eleven, read it HERE!!!

On our way to the bank, in the director’s car.

Me : sir is this how you go to the bank to save the collected bills everyday?

Director : yeah o

Me : it’s not safe

Director : yeah it’s not, but we have no option.

Me : sir i feel we could just give them the Company’s Account Number and tell them to make the payments their and bring the slip to us.

Director : we’ve thought of that too, but people can forge slip, and we have to be careful. It’s because of this we intiated the Mobile App project, once your department has the mobile app ready, customers would be able to pay their bills via money banking, and they won’t be coming to pay here anylonger.

Me : okay sir.

Director : and i hope with you their, the mobile app should be ready in no time.

Me : ok sir

Minutes later we got to the bank, he deposited the money, and from there, i led him to a viewing centre around my area, as old has he was, he knew more about soccer than i did, at first he was trying to converse with me during the match, but i guess he noticed i wasnt that responsive, so he switched to the other people who came to watch the match, they were busy commenting. I wasn’t even looking at the t.v, i was trying to picture how tonight’s is going to work out in my mind.

Later on, something dropped in my mind, “why not call krissh, atleast his more versatile in this aspect tgan you, he should be able to give upu an OT”, During the match i pinged him and explain the whole issue to him and all he was replying me with was lol. I felt teased, silly nigga, at last he told me to give him a call.
I was somehow relieved by that, at least knowing he had a solution. So i decided to call him when the match ends.

When the match ended, the Director drove me to the bus stop of my area, before going on his way. Ish married man would be getting home late because of a soccer match, shio what’s mine?, i was almost home, had forgotten about calling krissh sef, until sandra message came in. “send me your address”. Chai this girl means business, i called her number back straight, it would ring and later number busy, i guess she was tge one ending the call, i kepy calling and she kepting ending the call, then i decided to call krissh.

Me : elo, o boy, how far now?

Krissh : i’m ok.

Me : what i told you about nko?

Krissh : hmmmn, funny you. It’s obvious, she wants to get laid by you, so why you forming hard to get.

Me : it’s not forming, we are co-workers and me Bleeping a co-worker his somehow, it’s not like we are dating, besides i just got a message from her asking from my address now. And i tried calling her, she’s ebding the call.

Krissh : (lol) damn. the girl is sharp, woos forget all that just chop clean mouth, atleast she came after you herself. You just find a motel in your area and text her tge address and spend the night their with her. Better don’t dull, i wish i could add such a girl to my F**K list.

Me : tchew a motel, wouldn’t tgat be awkward.

Krissh : it’s not bobo yi, she’s doing it on her own free will, if she ask you, why a motel, tell her your house is not in a good shape taaa!

Me : i hope she buys the idea.

Krissh : absolutely, you knew me before calling me.

Me : well thats true sha, krissh the cassanova.

Krissh : na u sabi, sha smash am well.

Me : Abeg shut up, bye.

I hung up.

Hmmmn i knew krissh would always have the appropiate solution. I can now be at ease. I drafted an sms, send the address of “Blue Bird”, a motel in my area to sandra and even included her giving me a call when she’s at the bus stop, so i could come and pick her, if she’s unable to find her way.

I then went home, had a nice and cool bath with premier cool, ate my dinner and topped it with lucozade boost. Put on my perfume, informed my parent, i was sleeping out. Then i headed for Blue Bird to book a room and be prepared for the match am about to play.

By 9:30pm, i had booked the room and was flexing in the room expect sandra’s call. Few minutes later i got a message from her “Am waiting by tge bus stop, couldn’t find my way around”.

Blue Bird wasn’t far from the bus-stop, so i rushed to the bus stop, by the moment i was approaching tge bus stop, i could percieve the smell of the Suya’s seller in the air, by the time i got closer. I saw sandra, dressed in a black skinny short gown, mehn she was dope looking. She was like an entirely different person. I didn’t know, when i found myself licking my lips, she wasn’t facing my direction, so i called her.

Me : Sandra

Sandra : Mr Iphekitan

Me : Good evening

Sandra : evening o

Me : you are looking beautiful.

Sandra : Thanks, hope we ain’t standing here forever.

Me : at all

I was about leading her when something dropped in my mind.

Me : have you eaten

Sandra : ate a little

Me : hope you don’t mind eating Suya.

Sandra : not al all, as long as we are eating it together. (winks)

I smiled and approached the suya’s seller, bought a 500 naira suya and later bought two viju milk along the line, then we went to Blue Bird.
She didn’t even give me the “a motel face” neither did she ask a question. I collected the room key from the receptionist and led her there.

I invited her in, she was smiling sheeplessly, she sat on a chair, and i drew mine next to hers, she was trying not to have an eye contact with me, wtf! Like i care, i brought the suya and viju out, and we ate in silence, by the time we are through, i switched on the t.v, tuned to bollywood, they were showing one romantic movie like that, took off my shirt and invited her to lie with me by the bed.

She joined me on the bed still smiling and avoiding my gaze, she was so much into the movie that she didn’t notice i was just watching her all along abd not the movie. By the time she noticed she turned and face me and our eyes clashed, i smiled and turned my face forward relunctant to make the first move. Then i felt her hands turned my face to hers, she then stuck her mouth inti mine and her tongue find mine, and she was kissing me, i was a bit relunctant to see if she’d pull back, but she didn’t, i just joined in the fun, and kissed her back, then from kissing till smooching then i noticed something absurd, i was in the mood but my manhood wasn’t erect, have experienced such in my life, she was yet to notice, so she was increasing her pace, pushed herself on me, i don’t wanna get emabarassed, this not my first time of having s*x, so i know when something is wrong, she pulled off my trouser and i was left in my boxers, sharply and i knew she would aim for my boxers and see there’s no erection, i just told her to pause, that i need to use the larvatory, she seem dissappointed by me cutting her out, but she smiled and lied back undressing herself.

I rushed to the larvatory and brought out my manhood, mehn it was docile, and dangling, not increase nor moved, i tried forcing a urination, but still it didn’t move. Damn now i knew i was in trouble.

I rushed to back to the room, she was already unclad and she was guving the s*xy** come and eat look, i picked up my phone and rush back to the toilet, chai us thus how i will falk this bae’s hand, what eye will she be using to look and me?, i dialed krissh sharply but his number wasn’t going, damn i was alone in the world of my own. I can’t discharge the bae because it was late already, so i went back to the room. Apologized to her that am nit in the mood, i saw hatred in her eyes, she hissed and forced herself to sleep, am sure, but i couldn’t sleep, i was damn worried, i downloaded X-rated videos online and watch, still the erection wasn’t coming, there was nothing i didn’t try, then i knew my own has catch me.

To Be Continued…

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