-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 11

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Ten, read it HERE!!!

A working boy in a co-operate arena, hmmmn,that was me, The I.C.T unit comprises of I, Mr Mark, a lady called sandra who i later got to know as an I.T student like me, and two other guys. Tge two other guess didn’t seem sociable to me, so we don’t rap that much except on work basis. It was glaring that sandra was a social freak from her mode of dressings, i and her her were kinda close, most times we go home together in the same bus, she stays around apata, while i stay at odo ona, she had to pass through my area to get to her area. From our frequent conversations i denoted that she’s a student of Lautech and a computer scientist also.

Majorly our work was to update the customers payments in company’s database and to monitor and take readings of meters of each houses under dugbe branch from tge computer.
The ICT office was a big office and each and everyone of us had a separate chair and table, with a complete set of desktop computer.
I wasn’t able to bring my system tobeork to hustle, so as not to get exposed, so most times went am not busy innthe office, i’d be working on the Mobike App Project, i find programming interesting so it was like fun to me.
The two other guys who i met in the office were the one handling the project intially but they were yet to maka a breakthrough, Mr mark told them to share their experience with me but they didn’t, they just refered me to their systems to copy the App details and i started working on creating the App on my own.

This office life was really affecting my personal time, tho it taught me to keep to time, i wake up by 5a.m and resume to office by 8a.m ,and the office closes at 6pm ,except of fridays when we close by 4pm, we don’t work on weekends at all, so weekends were the only time i’ve got to hustle, i stay up all day and all night to update my clients, i couldn’t really do dating for the moment,because i need constsnt updating for dating which i don’t have the time for at the moment,so i just do goods, and most times am on Ebay doing overpayment. i was making money.
On a certain Friday evening as fate would have it, i was packing my stuff, getting ready to go home soon as usual when sandra came to bombard me.

Sandra : hello handsome

Me : hi pretty.

Sandra : seems you are in a hurry to go home.

Me : I guess so.

Sandra : wait what are you always going home to do in haste every friday.

Me : nothing, just going to have time to rest.

Sandra : hmmm shio, thats how you will be doing as if you don’t know anything.

Me : ahah what do you mean?

Sandra : it’s obvious, written all over your face.

Me : Sandra i don’t get you.

She stood closer to me, others were beginning to stare and listening, i noticed she noticed also but seem like she doesn’t care..

Sandra : hmmm how about we hang out this evening and just have fun.

Me : (i have to take all the attention away) have your sit and stop embarassing me.

Sandra : ish don’t mind them thats how they would be staring like a gay, you are the only one who seem manly in this office.

Me : thanks for the compliment, so what were you saying about us haging out.

Sandra : yeah.

She was about to talk when Mr. MARK came into the office.

Mr mark : ife the director calls for you.

Me : ok sir.

It been over a month have been working here and the last time i entered the director’s office was the day i was interviewed, only God knows why his calling me.

I headed for hus office. I met the smiling secretary by her cubicle, i greeted her and she told me to go in. I went in and met the director about to leave, he was also packing his bag.
Me : good afternoon sir.

Director : afternoon boy, what’s the time of today’s match.

Me : 6p.m

I wasn’t really a soccer fan, but i remsin current.

Director : ok hold this brief case fir me, we are leaving the office together, we would goto bank first to deposit the days money before branching the viewing centre.

(in my mind iwas like, why me?, besides why would a man in his early sixties be intrigued about a football match)

Me : ok sir i need to pick on my bag in the office.

Director : ok do so and join at the car garage.

Me : ok sir.

I zoomed off back to the office, geez who told him am interested in watching any match.

By the time i got to the office, sandra had already left but i saw a note on my table, with the inscription ” your place, 9pm”. Chai what’s she trying to pass across, “my place, as in she’s coming over, geez does she even know my place, i Bleeping live with my parent so how am i suppose to bring a lady in by 9a.m, such an awkeard time of the day. Geez really didn’t know what to do. I picked up my bag and joined the Director by the company’s car park.

To Be Continued…

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