-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 10

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Nine, read it HERE!!!

Two months of vacation went by, I seek ed opportunities where I could do my IT but none was encouraging, the highest payer was 20k. An amount I could make myself in a day. I felt IT was a waste of time self, if not that my 500level project is based on it, I would just be flexing at home

First one week I was still at home making my doe, online, until I got a call from my elder bro, bro shola on a certain saturday evening.

Bro shola : hello ife booni (hw are you?)

Me : am good bro

Bro shola : how far with your IT ?

Me : bros am yet to find a place to work o

Bro shola : Ahah, couldn’t you have called to tellme, since you didn’t call, I thought you’ve solved yourself out.

Me : no vex bro

Bro shola : okay I’d make some calls to my friends there.

Me : ok bro, thanks would appreciate it.

Hung up

Not up to an hour, he called back.

Bro shola : hello ife, what’s that your course again.

Me : computer science.

Bro shola : very good, I have been able to call a friend of my that works in Phcn, so they have a slot there. I would forward his number to you. Make sure you call him today so you can resume latest monday.

Me : okay, thank you bro, I’d call him right away.

Bro shola : alryt take care.

Hung up

Hmmmn, this brother of mine sha

An sms came through from my bro, I called the number straight.

Me : hello good evening sir, this iphekitan sir.

The caller : hello evening, this mark fenuga, how may I help you?

Me : my brother gave me your number, he said he has spoken with you concerning an opening of a IT student.

Mr mark : oh you are shola’s brother.

Me : yes sir.

Mr mark : what’s your discipline.

Me : computer science.

Mr mark : oh we could use a person like you, come to phcn office dugbe branch by 9 a.m on monday and give me a call when you are around.

Me : okay thank you sir.

Mr mark : alright be good.

Hung up.

Hmmmn I just hope this people can pay above 20k at least I fi manage 30k.


Monday Morning

I dressed smartly in a well ironed T-shirt and trousers, tucked in properly, nutted my tie, trying look very co-operate. I placed of my shakomended glass to match. I was looking dope and official.

Tho I don’t have much co-operate dresses, but if this job calls for it , I don’t mind upgrading my wardrobe

Headed to Phcn Office. I got there 9 a.m sharp. I called mr mark and he told me he would be with me shortly. So I sat and the waiting room. Thou there was A.C active but I was still sweating, you it’s unlike me, a working boy in a co-operate arena.

Fifteen minutes later Mr Mark came to the waiting room. He was looking around. He couldn’t recognize me, neither could I recognize him, but by the was he was looking about, my instincts told me it was him, so I stood up to approach him.

Me : good morning sir.

Mr Mark : morning, iphekitan right?

Me : yes sir.

Mr Mark : ok sit, let me brief you, in the next 15mins you’d be called in for an interview, it’s always handle by the director himself. You are most likely to be sent to the I.C.T unit. The I.C.T unit, am the team leader of the unit. We have been working on creating a mobile App, where by people can pay their electricity bills on their phones. The project has been on since last year, but no break through, so I guess we could use a fresh blood like you.

Me : okay sir.

Mr Mark : like I said just relax, the director would call you in any moment from now, and it’s possible you might start working instantly.

Me : yeah sir, am prepared.

Mr Mark : okay I have to go now.

He stood up and leave.

Mehn a part of me wanted to ask him about the details on salary, but I comported myself, so they won’t see me as a money monger that I am truly am.

After few minutes, a lady dressed in a black suit and trousers came by.

The lady : hello are you here for the interview.

Me : yes ma.

The lady : okay come along.

I stood up to follow her, she led me to the directors office, I guessed the lady was the secretary, she cl osed the door on me and left.

The director was a man in his early sixties, he was dressed in shirt and trousers, and he has like those prof glasses on, from where I sat , I noticed her has a pot belly, in my mind I was like this man looks like person wey jahhh.

Me : good morning sir.

He looked at me via his glasses.

Director : morning, have your sit.

The interview session wasn’t up to 30minutes, he threw me series of questions and I was flowing with him, later on the interview became a casual talk, because he shifted the topic to “talks about girls” and I was also flowing, later he started talking about beers, I told him I loved trophy most and guess what, it was his best drink also. Eventually he said I could have the job and told me, he and I would be hanging our every friday. Ish it’s nothing.

At the end, he told me the pay was 40k per month for IT students, mehn I was in smiling mode, he then referred me back to the secretary who led me to the ICT unit of the company

To Be Continued…

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