-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 7

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Six, read it HERE!!!

On a Sunday evening like that, I was sitting down outside my house, feeling the evening breeze. My phone just beep, I saw an sms from bro ola, telling me he was a viewing centre in my area. I didn’t waste time, I dressed so as to block him there.

On getting there I sighted his babyboy outside, I was like wetin this bros they find here, he fi watch any match comfortably for his house na.

I entered saw some guys arguing about a football match, so I guessed there was no match today niyen, at another corner, I sighted some guys writing somethings down on Paper like person whey wan write waec exam, my guess was that they were forecasting, I then saw some guys by a table they were paying for Naira bet and lucky ball, I just shake my head, jobless people.

I then saw bro ola sitting on bench, busy with is laptop,

Me : bros I don show o

Bro ola : boy how far now?

Me : bros I gentle oh, wetin bring una come here

Bro ola : oh boy, na eke just they follow my movements jae, they Don burst me twice for my house this week, thank God, they no find anything incriminating on me then, and my guess his they are still watching me. Am on Heat boy, so I wanna go low key for done couple of days.

Me : OK bros, so that’s why you con hang out for here, but here sef no safe na, informants plenty for here, they fi come burst you for here o

Bro ola : geez from fire to frypan

Me : No worry bros, you fit they use my place anytime. And like that I fi learn those stuffs you promised to teach me

Bro ola : that’s why I say make you con block me here, hotel sef no safe for me, i get one parol I dey process right now, and i no fit delay so na you go help me finish am.

Me : but bros I no sabi how you they do these things yet no worries, I go dey yarn you how you go they do the thing today, I knw you get brain and you sabi chat wella.

Me : OK bros no lele

Bro ola. : oya take this system along, I go they follow you from the back from afar, I knw want make them link us up.

I just dey waka go home and bro ola they trail me small small for back.

Lot of things were going on in my mind, I was like if this yahoo thing dey illegal as they say it is, why should I put myself at risk. Well sha money must be made, na that bros lifestyle dey attract police, I go dey do my own codedly by the time I sabi am wella finish.

To Be Continued…

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