-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 5

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Four , read it HERE!!!

I decided I would goto bro ola’s domot first because it was in the street next to mine, I gave him a call before leaving home.

Got to his domot around 11 a.m, mehn his House was dope, he lived in a storey building, I met the Security man at the gate, he gave me free access in, its like his boss had told him I was coming, i went in and i met some other guys playing p.s 2, in the living room .

One of them told me to have my sit, that his going to be with me in a jiffy.
I was just relaxing my head under the cool AC, and was almost dosing out of been too comfortable, when I heard my name, looked up and saw the bros. Immediately he came around, the other guys playing game just clear.

He asked if i’d love to take anything which I declined, he thanked me for the other day again. Then he was like, “ife, I av a businesss proposal for you oh, since you are always around, i’d like you to br spending your day flexing here assisting me with some stuffs”

I looked at him and smiled and said,
“bro, t depends oh, I no fit dey spend my day here, when you need me you fit holla me, i go they show up anytime, as long as money is involved”

Bro ola : OK the thing is you would be helping speak with my Clients and i would be giving you figo per day
[in my mind I was like see me see trouble this bros stingy oh figure ke]

Me : bros, make am 1k na

Bro ola : ah no b ordinary phone call conversation I need your help for.

Me: bros I sabi how to use computer wella o, I can edit pictures and documents perfectly o

Bro ola : you sure?

Me : 100% bro

Bro ola : OK let me give you a test

He went in and came back with his laptop

Bro ola : oya I want you to place the passport photograph on this driver’s liscense and change the name.

I collected the tge system sharply,
Went to google, downloaded adobe photoshop, and finished edited tge stuff within fifteen minutes.

Me: bros come check

Bro ola : yaaga, this what I want exactly. Nice one you make sense boy, OK no qualms 1k per day.

I later helped him with some Calls with his white magas, when I was. taking my leave, he handed mean 1k, and i left there around 2pm.

Sharply I called bro A.y

To Be Continued…

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