-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 4

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Three, read it HERE!!!

The next day, the bro whose name I later got to knowas bro ola, messaged me on whatsapp, he thanked me for yesterday, he said, he would like me to visit him in the evening but i insisted it should be the next day.

Another bro, who was part of his friends who I gave my number to the day before, called me and introduced himself as bro A.y, he asked to know more about myself , i told him I passed put of secondary school recently and that am just flexing at home , I told him of my computer abilities also, that I can edit, type, etc, …

When he heard the word “edit”, he was like you can edit pictures and document, I answered yes.

He was also like he would like to see me the next day,

I said no qualms .

He gave me his address that i should try to come to his area tge next day, He even sent me 1k Worth Of recharge that day when I told him I don’t have a call Card to inform him when am coming.

Later in the day I was just smiling to myself, listening to karishika by Falz, I kept repeating the line “money and the facebook coming quicker”.
I was like now my smart work is begining to pay.
I could edit pictures not because I learned it but because I was restless, it was what i do just for Fun on my elder brother’s laptop, is now whats connecting me.


The next day, I had my bath, dressed casual, popped in to my female 2go account to check latest mugu, I saw like 6 Friend requests, all males, I chatted with them wella..

One of the maga’s that has been sending me recharge cards every now and them, pressured me that morning for my number, which I don’t wanna give out to any of them, because I knw they might check me up on whatsapp and see am a guy.

So after much persuassion I gave him my digits, he was like he would call me asap, since it was early momo, my voice was still baritone, so I changed my phone voice settings to female, since he was a small boy he can’t detect it was a programmed voice, he called me we spoke for like 2 minutes, because I Love keeping conversations with those mugu very short, so as not to raise any doubt.

We continued our disscussion Online , he was now like, he wants to meet me physically.

he stays in Lagos, i told him my family has relocated to Ib.

He then proposed that I should visit him,

In my mind I was like, lol oya kip falling,

I told him I can only visit him if he could send me tfare to and fro, he was like that’s not a problem,
[me Wey love money die] I just told him 8k oh, he asked for my bank account, I told him I don’t have one but i could get him an account to send it to. Few minutes later I forwarded my bank account details to him, thanks to mobile banking, he did transfer, when I saw the 8k alert, I just msg him ” tnkz u such a darling, ttyl”

Then I prepared to step out to visit bro A.y and bro ola

To Be Continued…

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mehn….am loving this story

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