-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 29

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Twenty Eight, read it HERE!!!

After the revival that evening, I and faith headed back to MY road as usual, I was still moody from the shocking visit alert.

Faith : brother ife, you look disturbed, whats wrong?

Me : faith don’t bother yourself, it’s nothing I can’t handle

Faith : Don’t tell me that o, in the morning your weren’t like this now
, so why the sudden change Of look.
Or have i done anything wrong? Ife please talk to me now.

I told her tge whole story tho i was careful enough not to reveal the part of me being a Y.

Faith : hmmmn i told you problems are better solved when shared.

Me : so what are you insinuating?

Faith : well i guess i could be of help

Me : really? In what way?

Faith : well i kbow a guy who works in 7up and stays around that area also, i could ask him to help.

Me : hmmn and you think, he would help hun?

Faith ; am 100% sure, besides he owes me a favour initially.

Me : omg faith you are the best, you are God sent. I would love you forever.

Faith : hmmmn thats what they always say when they need something, when tgey get what tgey want bayi they won’t know us again.

Me : faith why you talking like this, you know i treasure you, besides
I am not “they ” am endless love

Faith : hun have heard

Me : oya call the guu now so we can be sure

Faith : why the rush, i would love to take you there my self.

Me : no ooo, tomorrow is sunday, it’s a must you are in service and my parent ate coming by 2pm, i should have settled before they arrive, so i should go very early tomorrow morning.

Faith : hun ok i would call him and tell you his reply later tonight.



Faith walked into my room smiling

Faith : have spoken with him and he has agreed

Me : oshey you are the best.

Faith : have his number so you guys can talk.

Me : alright.

I collected the guy’s contact and called him, he confirmed what fsith said. Oh boy ibslept peacefully tgat night

Heard a knock on my door around 2 a.m, that’s unexpected, vigil, fasting and prayer has ended so who could that be.

Opened the door and lo and behold it was sister faith!

To Be Continued…

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