-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 28

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Twenty Seven, read it HERE!!!

I later woke around 2pm, I went to the primate Office to tell her I would be leaving very early the next day and to check if she got to know about what just happened, you know you can’t tell, holy spirit might have alerted her. [grin].

Me : Good Day ma.

Primate : ife boy , how are you?

Me : am gentle ma

Primate : you can start your business as from tomorrow onwards.

Me : Yeah am grateful ma . Thats the reason am here ma .

Primate : OK am listening.

Me : I would take my leave very early tomorrow morning. And i want to ask how much i’d would pay for all you have done for me.

Primate : [chuckles] When you start making your money, you can drop by once in a while and drop something. You are free to leave anytime you like.

Me : thanks ma, am very grateful.

I Left her presence feeling like a boss, she didn’t suspect anything nisha. I came for a mission, now am leaving fulfilling two missions, am the boss mehn.

Went back to my room, all this while I got no call or message from boss and krissh, so I pinged them both.
Bosun wasn’t online I guess but krissh replied, so we started chatting.

Me : oh boy , shey na life you think say you dey live.

Krissh : leave that jae, you don’t know wetin person dey go through for here.

Me : whatever, am returning tomorrow o.

Krissh : returning to where? Woss wobi, eke has bursted us twice this week already, and they are still trailing us, meaning we are on heat, bosun and i have dispersed and we are just scoting at friends place ni in order for things to cool down.

Oh this eke sef, their job is to protect the people, na working Boy dem dey chase.

Me : This one technical o, how eke go come dey burst you guys for G.R.A, some of your friends might have told on you.

Krissh : God purnish the mother fu*king informant.

Me : make I go back to my papa house then.

Krissh : you sef still get option.

Me : where bosun dey, his number no dey go through, and him no dey reply messages.

Krissh : eke don collect his phone the last time they caught us.

Me : Chai Dias God O

Krissh : abi now

Me : Aiit TTYL [talk to you later]

Krissh : ok

Conversation ended

Hmmmmn some people are just crazy oh, they don’t have any work than to they spoil their friends life, God purnish any informant of a friend I get.

Went to take my bath and on getting back, I met two missed calls on my phone, checked it up and it was pman.

This one wey pman dey call me, hope all is well, I decided not to call him back.
I was still dressing when mucee call came through, I picked up.

Me : Ekasan ma [gud afternoon ma]

Mum : ife booni? [How are you]

Me : fine ma

Mum : how is work?

Me : going on smoothly ma.

Mum : your dad said he called you, and you failed to pick up.

Me : I was having my bath then ma

Mum : didn’t you see his missed call, shouldn’t you have called back.

Me : am sorry ma.

Mum : anyways, we. Just Want To inform you, we are visiting you tomorrow after service, so send me your address.

Me : What? Why?

Mum : What is what, shouldn’t we know your place, we are coming over tomorrow so just send me your address.

Hungs up.

Chai this people sef, nawa for them oh, they just dey impose visit upon person. What address would I text them bayi, hmmmmn gobe.

That changed my mood instantly, I kept calculating, thinking and weighing my options, eventually none was making sense. I no fit bring them here, and i no fit lead them to G.R.A. Chai what am I going to do?

To Be Continued…

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