-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 27

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Twenty Six, read it HERE!!!

The next couple of days went by swiftly with the normal routine, 12 a.m Prayer, fasting all day, 4pm revival, break by 6pm and rest for the night.

All through this days Sister faith was always there for me, am feeling almost emotionally attached to her. But am trying to be careful, don’t wanna blow up my sucess because of a girl.

On the last day of my stay there, was a Saturday, I woke up and started playing assasin’s creed on my Pc. Faith later showed up in the most tempting manner, she wore a short gown, she joined me on the bed watching my game, I looked at her face and saw she wasn’t looking happy, she wasn’t putting on her smile that morning.

Faith : hmmmmn you are leaving tomorrow bayi

Me : yes, any problem with that?

Faith : I would miss you and i know you would forget us when you are gone

Me : can I have your number?

Faith : [smiled a little] 090365****1

Me : now you know I won’t abandon you infact I would miss you to.

Faith : Same here also

She shifted close to me on the bed, she kept looking into my eye balls, I knew this girl must have something up her sleeve.

Me : Sister faith what ‘s wrong? you look disturbed.

Faith : nothing, just like this today
[this time she was rubbish her lips together]

Me : it’ s alright, [I decided to cuddle her to comfort her, but she misinterpreted, she held on tight to me with both eyes closed and started confessing her love to me.

Faith : I know as a girl I shouldn’t be saying this but i just can’t hold it back anylonger, ifemi I Love You body and soul and am willing to be yours forever, I know you love me to and you are just restraining please let your emotions out….

At that moment, I wasn’t suprised, I knew she had feelings for me from the first day we met, she’s really lovable, with all she had done for me throughout my stay here, it would be unfair of me to just turn her down, so I played along.

Me : sister faith

Faith : just call me faith, your faith

Me : OK faith, I Love You too.

She opened her eyes, looked straight into mine, and approached my mouth with her, mehn she’s was so in a hurry, it was as if she has been starved all this while, me sef,, body no be firewood. Didn’t give a fu*k about what ever happens next. Someone is getting laid.

I returned her kisses with passion and it become a french kiss, she held my head firm to hers and she kept tongue lashing me, oh Boy the chemistry was so real. I started smooching her by the side. I was going easy on her so she won’t start making sounds that would attract people. I proceeded to removing her top, mehn the sight of what I saw was hmm. So there was a big balloon behind the rock.
I played with it a little, she too was moaning a little. She found her way to my round neck, pulled it off, and unbuckled my belt, I was trying to take it slowly but she was just in a rush.

Eventually I killed her softly with ease, she maintained a low ringtone all through. We had a powerful match. At the full time, when the match ended, omo sister faith was exhausted o.

Me : sorry dear

Faith : hummn Ekun, you were too strong

Me : lmao, have you ever seen a lionel chilling with a dog

Faith : gbahun let me start going before mum finds me here

Me : shio after breaking my fast for me.

She left, I knew there wasn’t going to be any fast anylonger, body don tire, me sef wan charge.
Drank two tin of three crown milk and slept off

To Be Continued…

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