-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 26

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Twenty Five, read it HERE!!!

All through the service my mind was elsewhere, because am not used to such. Besides their prayer points were too carnal for my liking.

Later the grace was shared, revival ended, decided to excuse myself to my room quickly in order not to come in contact with shade.
On my way out I met Sister faith the usher at the door exit.

Faith : brother ife, are you leaving already?

Me : Yeah, I have no business here anymore.

Faith : haba you can’t even wait for me, so we could head back together.

Geez this girl no dey shy o, when did waiting for her became my responsibility? , I obliged sha, so has not too embarass her in front of the on lookers, I helped myself with a sit at the back, she continued with her business, I felt a smile of satisfaction across her face.

Was chatting on my phone when I felt an feminine shadow above me.

Voice : ifeoluwakitan

I looked up, lo and behold it was shade.

Me : good evening

Shade : hmmmmn wonders shall never cease

Me : na u sabi

Shade : wetin you con do here?

Me : What’s your own there hun?

Shade : hmmmmn don’t be shy, I guess you traced me here to apologize right?

Me : [chukles] wait are you kidding me?

Sho whats she thinking hun, I don’t rate girls to that extent.
She sat close to me, U know that kind of intimate sitting now. I looked back to check if Sister faith was looking, and yeah her attention was on us, shade also followed my gaze and saw were it led.

Shade : henen so it’s primate’s daughter kitty catty you followed here

Mehn hot feelings. Decided to give her a finishing statement make she clear for my side

Me : na u sabi, I wondered how runs girl became a chorister over night, if no b say God gentle, he for don rain fire on top dia head.

Her eyes turned red

Shade : God purnish you, I gave you my heart, and you played a fool with it, you lied and you cheated, yet I still hold you dearly, yet you think am a cheap girl or what, mtchew

She walks away, an I decided to meet sister faith by the exit, she was watching the whole while, but i knew she couldn’t hear what transpired between I and Shade because of the distance.

Faith and i walked back to my room.
She sat on my bed and she was giving a curious look.

Faith : so what was all that about?

Me : [suprised] pardon?

Faith : [reconstructed her question] I mean where do you know Sister Shade and what were you discussing?

I felt the need to cut her expectations short faa, who is she to ask me such.

Me : she’s a friend, and when has my disscussion with become your concern.

Shade : [comported herself] oh I’m sorry.

Me : where can I get something to eat jae, make hunger no finish person here.

Faith : what would you like to break with?

Me : please one solid eba would do

Faith : What! You wanna commit suicide

Me : why that?

Faith : brother seems you are really new at fasting, you don’t break with such an heavy meal, letme help you get some oranges to break with, while I prepare what you would eat later.

Me : prepare what I would eat ke? I mean you should help me purchase meal not prepare.

Faith. : it would be waste of money, you know, besides I would like you to have a taste OK my cooking

Me : hmmm if you say so

She left and the primate later came by, we prayed together, and faith brought the oranges as promised, later she brought me, fried rice and plantain, her cooking wasn’t bad.

I later slept around 8pm sha.

Day 1 ended.

To Be Continued…

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