-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 2

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part One, read it HERE!!!

Few days at home after graduating from the secondary school, I was starting to get bored at home. Therefore, my one and only companion was my phone.

I do chat day and night, 24/7 on my phone until that couldn’t satisfy my boredom, because asking a girl out Online became my easiest hobby.
So n a fateful day I decided to switch my tactics.

Prior to the switching, I do have problem with data, I wasn’t getting enough doe for my monthly sub, so I switched tactics by created a female 2go account. I checked in to Facebook and saw one portharcourt girl profie, stolesome couple of pix of hers, do use them as my display picture for that account. I added most of my old school mates to the account. I used the username “maryjane”.

All my life I thought asking a girl out was easy but sincerely making a guy ask you out is easier.
I just chat with them for 2 hours, and the next thing you notice is them chatting nicely, caringly, chai guys mehn, greater mumu, during those duration, i’d get up to #3000 Naira Worth Of Recharge card from those guys, all I took was a yes.

On a fateful day I was in the saloon normal normal to have my hair cut, it wasn’t my turn yet so I sat on one of the chairs pressing my phone, I just saw some older guys typing hard on their laptops like a person preparing a project report, I sha looked away until the phone of one one them ringed and guess what, the guy changed voice ni sharply on picking up the call, I had no choice but to take a look at them again, the guy faked his voice to that of a girlish type, and he was speaking fast English, I was like. Sho in this place na.

To Be Continued…

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