-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 14

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Thirteen, read it HERE!!!

I knew krissh isn’t a Fan of hollandia, so I guess a girl must be with him. Got to their domot, I sighted bosun firstly in the living room, he was with his laptop and on the screen I saw a sight like binu plus. So I suspected bosun sef na working boy [code name for YY guys] .

Me : the king is here

B.B : alaye since morning, how far now?

Me : MO gentle jae, bosun none binu plus be this on your system

B.B : yes it is

Immediately his phone rang, bosun change his voice on picking the call
, I knew this boy is something else.

Bosun : [speaking Queens English] Hello good morning [I was like sho. Morning for past four]

He and the caller kept talking for about 5mins, now it was clear to me he his a working boy

Me : bosun so you be YY too

Bosun : stay there, na illegal they pay o

Me : have been doing this for a while but i never hammer

Bosun : you can’t hammer because you don’t know the way. There are thousands of yahoo boys out there, no be everyone dey Successful.

Me : bosun how you dey take do ya own, show me the way…..

Krissh cuts in

Krissh : What should he show you oh?

I sighted a girl by her side, smh!,

Me : were cassanova, who put your mouth for my matter.
[to the girl beside her] elo bae, how far

No reply,

Krissh : Hey, she was just going.

The stupid girl just went out, I guess krissh must have squeeze her taya, that she can’t even talk again.
Now remaining the three of us at the living room.

Me : henen bosun like I was saying before cockroach entered my soup.
How una take do am, show me the way na, which format you dey use.

Guessed krissh Don sabi wetin I dey talk

Krissh : na your papa be cockroach, mad boy. No tell am anything o Bosun.

Bosun was just laughing

Me : No dey do your guy like this now, me sef wan drive rangey.

B.B : easy tiger, it’s because is you I no sabi tell any how person as the thing dey go. You see na everyone sabi the thing them believe in.

Krissh : na so oh boy, runs differ he get his own source, I get my own source

Me : What are you guys saying, make it clear for me na.

Bosun told me about one white garment church he do attend, he told me the primate of the church who was a lady, help him with his parol. He talk say him dey go bath there every two weeks.

And krissh told me it his own alfa, that all he does his give out to people, and he sprays white beans and corn outside the house every morning. In other for birds to feed on it.

I then told them
. “hope say this one no be yahoo plus oh, coz I no wan do anything evil”

They said it isn’t, that this get God backing.

Smile returned to my face

I just brought out the hollandia from my bag, make o cool my spirit, krissh went in and came out with. ” holy spirit” its the name of a wine oh.
We mixed it with the hollandia sharply..

So they agreed to take me to those places the next day.

To Be Continued…

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