-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 13

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Twelve , read it HERE!!!

I woke up around 6a.m the next day,had a quick bath, Born to hustle, get rich or die trying. Switch on my system, Getting straight to business. Loading meebo, log in daddyhunt, google language, launching notepad… Yahoo Boy mode activated.

Since it’s been a while, have logged in, My inbox was overflowing with mails and IM alerts. Mails from: Congressman, Mrs. Welligton, Jamal, Modressa, Rohas, all wondering whatsup. My head is aching badly, probably due to yesterday fun.

I did parol till around 12pm, I then decided to leave tge house, I planned on visiting those mad friends I just reconnect with.

I just postponed that again, just wanna make this money, continued on my lappy, au…. AdultfriendFinder logged in. Congressman already online. He has been stalling on sending me money… I sent him some Unclad picture (I honestly don’t know the guy in the photo). I know he liked what he saw, becaused he promised me heaven and earth again.

Later past two that afternoon I got a call from an unknown number.

Me : Hello tz iphekitan, who am I speaking with?

Caller : lol so you fit speak english fluently like this. [male voice]

Me : who the F**K his this?

Caller : your father, it I, kvng krissh

Me : [burtsed into laughter] mad guy, king of which kingdom.

Krissh : F**K you, am a king in a boys body

Me: do you discover tribal mark for my face, alaye leave trash for Lawma.

Krissh : you said you were coming today and you are yet to show up.

Me : No vex jae. Money must me made, just settling some things here.
Almost through here sha, would be with you in a jiffy.

Krissh : OK no lele, sha Buy hollandia yohgurt on your way here.

Me : holland what? Alaye ko Park well jae

That’s how the conversation ended, when I was through with my white magas, I headed out for GRA.

To Be Continued…

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