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Must Read: My Life… Part 13

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I hesitated when I got to the string of wires surrounding the pond, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to die. The thought of hell was scary. I knew it was a sin to commit suicide.

I took a quick glance around, the whole place was empty except a Fulani man sipping his tea. I wondered how he enjoyed the tea, since the afternoon was hot.

The fulani man was staring at me, he got to his feet and sauntered towards me. I felt the urge to act fast, but each time I try, some unseen forces pulled me back. I started to wonder if the mammy waters don’t like me.

“Ke! Wetin I dey do for diya?” the fulani man asked.

I didn’t reply, I moved closer to the pond.

“Kai! I wan kill mysef koh?” he placed his palm on his mouth.

I was already squeezing through the wire when he pulled me back roughly.

“Leave me alone!” I glared at him.

“Wallahi I dey craze, I don’t have hankali ne?” he gesticulated angrily.

I got to the wires again, he pulled me this time before I could squeeze through. I put up a struggle but he threw me down.

“Ke! Stop flaying fa!” he warned.

I sized his tiny framed figure, I thought I could break him into two parts.

“wallahi, zan beating you fa?”.

Beat who? Me? He should try stopping me again if I don’t pull him into the pond with me.

He took hold of my hands and pulled me away cursing loudly. I struggled with all my might to free my self, but I couldn’t overpower him.

A police van screeched to a halt beside us as we got to the end of the street.

David got out giving us a questioning look

“This girl I want to kill herself o” the fulani man told David.

“She wan pall inside zat water o”

David’s eyes grew larger

“Water? You wanted to drown yourself?”

I looked down, tears blurring my vision.

“Mummy!” I definitely heard that, but I thought It was my imagination

“Mummy mi” Eniola said again

I turned swiftly and saw her standing beside the van. Was I dreaming?

“Baby? Are you the one?” my voice was low.

“Uhm” Eniola nodded before running to give me a hug.

I held her tightly like it was my last.

“Mummy don’t cry you hear.”

I wept whilst examining my daughter, I missed her so much.

“I love you my princess”

“I love you too mummy” Eniola replied tears streaking down her cheeks.

What if I had drowned, I wouldn’t be sharing this joy.

“It’s alright, thank God we found her, and thank God you didn’t hurt yourself.” David hugged us both.


“Will the nurse give me injections?” Eniola asked.

David was driving us to the hospital, he had insisted we took her for a check-up.

“Maybe.” David smiled at her.

She was sitting on his laps as he drove. I became a spectator.

“No! I don’t like injections” she wanted to cry

“Please, you hear? Its painful o, please uncle” Eniola pleaded.

“I’m not your uncle.”

“uhm?” Eniola blinked.

“I’m your father.” David stole a glance at me

“You are my daddy?” Eniola’s jaw dropped

“Yea sweet heart.”David replied stopping the car at the parkinglot.

I got out quitely, this guy is really looking for my trouble.

“Wow!” Eniola squealed hugging David.

“So I now have a daddy? My daddy has a car, my daddy likes me and my daddy looks fine.” she was very excited.

I watched them both as they rejoiced.

“Can we go in now?” I sounded impatient.

“sure” David gave me a winning smile.

Doctor Raymond examined her for a while.

“Was she sexually abused?” he directed his question at David, but Eniola answered first.

“Ehn now! They abuse me very well o, Akpan called me an Idiot, Lois called me naughty, You see?” Eniola quipped.

I rolled my eyes, this girl is a talkative.

“Baby, he meant, did they touch you?” David was looking for the best way to explain to her.

I smiled to myself, I knew she’d give a funny answer again.

“Yes o! All of them touch me o! Even madam Lina sef, she touch me too. All of them touch me plenty times sef!” she explained excitedly.

Doctor Raymond couldn’t help laughing.

“This your daughter is a case on its own.” He told David.

“Yea, a big one!” David laughed

“Why are you laughing na? Didn’t I answer the question?” Eniola frowned.

“Come baby.” I pulled her gently to my side.

“Did anyone of them do what Akpan tried to do that day?” I whispered into her ears.

“Oooh!” she giggled

“No, they did not! Maybe Akpan is still scared of your beatings o” she joined in the laughter.

“Well, Mr David..” Raymond tried to control his laughter.

“I think there’s nothing wrong with your daughter, no damages at all”

“Thank you Doctor, God bless you for the injection o” Eniola squealed at him before we left.

” let’s go to my place” David said casually as we drove from the hospital.

This guy is damn crazy! He thinks I’m that cheap.

“No, take me and my daughter back to my place!” I replied.

He didn’t miss the heat in my voice, he shook his head gently.

“No harm intended, it’s just that I feel its more safe to be at my place, since Akpan and the rest are not yet tried in court.” he tried to explain. He’s trying his best to sound so nice.

“No!” was my firm reply.

“Your place? You mean your house?” Eniola chirped. He nodded.

“Ehn now! Let us go na! Then I’l know my daddy’s house, then I’ll be coming to visit you abi?” she said flippantly.

“Eniola shut up!” I glared at her

“How many times I have warned you not dip your tongue into Adult issues?” I was actually venting my annoyance at her.

“Don’t talk to my daughter that way!” David told me in a harsh voice still looking at the road.

I turned to look at his face, he wore a frown. See father! I thought to myself. Wonders shall never end! I started to laugh.

David and Eniola turned to look at me, like- am I alright.

“okay, you’ll take your Daughter with you, drop me at my place first, but please bring her back in the evening.” I said, my voice lighter.

“No, I can’t Eniola without you.” he placed his right hand on my lap, but I pushed it away.

“There’s something I’d want to show you…errrm…I want you to meet some people there…” he turned to look at me.

“Some people? Who are they?”

“Wait till you see them.” he smiled.

“Am I safe?” I creased my eyebrows

“Yea, very safe.” he said brushing his hand against my laps, feigning an attempt to change the gear.

I glared at him.

In less than twenty minutes, we were in front a large gate. The gate man opened the gate, murmured some greetings.

I got out, and observed the house.

Truly the house was big, more of a mansion. The interlocked compound gracefully designed with flowers. Well I didn’t expect less, David’s got a taste for big things. I was jolted from my thoughts by Eniola’s giggle.

“Is this your house? You live her daddy?” Eniola asked looking around.

“Yea baby,” David replied sweeping her off her feet.

“Hmm, no wonder my mummy said I’m a princess, so my father has a beautiful palace:” she said meditatively.

“Lets go in.” david laughed.

“Your wife and your children? They are in?” I asked on impulse.

For the first time it struck me that the “Some people” David was talking about could be his wife and children.

He turned to look at me, in some kind of amused way.

“Lets get in first.” he led the way.

I followed at a slow pace, I’m not ready for any drama o. What if his wife poured hot water on me? Or she trys to fight me?

“Here we are!” David placed an excited Eniola on a sofa.

I stood by the door, waiting for what will happen next.

“Anybody home?” David called out.

“David ekabo! Welcome.” I heard a female voice coming from the kitchen direction.

I turned swiftly, to see who she is.

She was standing there staring at me, my jaw dropped as I couldn’t decide what to do or say next.

To Be Continued…

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