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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 8

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It was a solemn evening, Mohammed was sober throughout the journey home, Uchenna was whistling to himself, all I was thinking of is how to deal with the girl; God forgives, I don’t. ***************************************************************************** At home, I called the boys to a round table “let’s deal with the girl” “I agree with you Tunde” Uche replied; always willing for a new adventure. “No” Mohammed opened his mouth for the first time in fifteen minutes; a sad news for the bacteria in his mouth. “E be like say you dey mad? U dey always do like say na you only pass” uche was angry “One thing I learnt in Lagos is that ‘you have to be smart and expect the next guy to cheat you’, what happened today was a lesson for us” I started Facing Mohammed now “you have to treat her F**K up” “Why? Allah will do the justice for me” “All your life, you have been holy; you always want to do the right thing until you are duped by a bimbo” “Let’s use this to pass a message across to other guys like that, treat her like a kaffir!” I concluded “What did you want me to do now?” “Meet her as usual in mosque tomorrow and invite her home” “What of the visit to her house?” I smiled “she will give you an excuse “ ***************************************************************************** “Are you sure am gonna be ok? “Yes, Mohammed” I reassured him. “The plan is simple, invite the girl over, and entertain her like a proper visitor” “Touch her, use your brain, free her heart and you will do just fine” I concluded. “I can’t” I sighed “in case you don’t know what am talking about, you have to make love to her! Mohammed was shocked, he was sweating. “That is impossible today” “Is it because you are a virgin?” “Yes and my religion!” I laughed “There comes a time in life when you need not to conform to norms “ I sighed “I think the time is now” I concluded. “To be honest, I had always wanted to have s*x and be a bad boy for once but my religion…..” I stopped him half way “God will forgive you” “Ok, teach me all I need to know” Mohammed is a good rigid Muslim, he has overcome different temptations and many offers I made but what happened to him changed his mind, he was a wounded lion. I thought him everything he needs to know and the location of condoms in the room. ***************************************************************************** “I love the way you teach, your voice and everything about you” she spoke with a very strange voice I looked up, wondering what she was thinking of “Thanks” I was in their visitor room teaching her mathematics, she gave me a maximum concentration for some hours until she spoke out of the blue. “Am tired, I want you to hold me” “We have people at home, especially your sister!” She closed the gap between us, gave me a hungry kiss in which I responded to…………. “What are you doing with my sister?”


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