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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 7

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“Tunde told me you are in love” uche confronted Mohammed. We have been living together for almost a month, Mohammed being what he was has shown us that he is a good Muslim, he prayed five times daily and at night. He was virgin, and believed s*x is after marriage. “Yes” he replied Uche laughed “wonder shall never end” “Tell us about the girl” I asked him “She is a good Muslim, we met in mosque and I think we both fall in love at first sight” Uche bust out a devilish laughter “This guy too dey watch movie”. He said amidst his laugh. Uche was right, there is no such thing has love at first sight; I can’t dispute lust at first sight though. “So what next?” I asked “I want to meet her parent and ask for her hand in marriage” “Are you nuts?” I was angry with his thoughtless action “which kind rubbish b dat” I continued. “You won’t understand, she said I should come on Friday” he confirmed the meeting time and left both of us with our mouth wide open. That night, while lying on bed, Mohammed asked me a question; “Is it right for me to spend money on her?” “Have you been spending money on her? “ Was the only reply I could give him “Yes” “How much?” “Well, I always buy beverages and snacks for her; I gave her 2500naira today to buy the cloth she will wear on Friday” “You F***ed up man” “I know, but I think am doing something right.” “Ok” “Mohammed lets map out the girl address”. “Why?” “She may be lying, lets confirm it. “Ok” ***************************************************************************** Thursday evening, the three of us strolled to her street which was not far from the mosque like she said. “But she said her street is far” Uche thought aloud “She is a lady” Mohammed was protecting her “Mehn! See those nice couples” Uche pointed out to a couple who seems to be saying ‘goodbye, see you later’ with hugs “Allah!” Mohammed muttered. “They look alike, he may be her brother” “She told me she was a virgin, she does not allow any man to touch her” Mohammed said, still lamenting. “I will go and meet her and ask her” “No” I pulled him back. “You are taking this thing the wrong way” I continued “Serious, he may be her brother” Uche said jokingly. “The man is carrying a student bag na, he may be travelling back to school” Uche continued. “Lets confirm” ***************************************************************************** We walked as far as possible to the guy, “Alaye, your babe fine oo” “My chairman, thank you joo” “Abi na your sister?” I asked him “Ewo orisa, that one no fit be my siter, you know how many guys don F**K am?” he replied with disdain. “You wan collect her number” he continued. “You go gree?” I asked with surprise. “Just bring one Alomo bitters” My friend was sweating behind me…….


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