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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 6

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! For a week, she refused to greet me or study along with me, my beloveth; malt was very scarce. The store seems to be an earthly hell; I heard curses and hiss(s) every corner. It was the worse week of my life. I owned no explanation to Yemisi, and I am not going to grovel at Bisola’s feet. ***************************************************************************** “Hi” I looked back and saw a fat Busola looking at me; she was ‘sizing me up’, I replied shortly “yes?” “Is that how to greet your in-law?” she questioned. I laughed, “These girls has the same tactics” I said to my self. “I heard you are a proud guy, my name is Busola” she smiled “I realize we don’t talk, can we be friends?” she gave me a funny face; I was not in the mood for kids play. “Will you teach me too, I will also be your girlfriend, I will give you money and anything you request of me” she continued. On hearing that, my muscles cried for joy. “Let me think about it” I replied politely “Thanks” she hugged me and dips her hand into my pockets. It was a 500naira note…… ***************************************************************************** “Uche, howfar wit h your parol na” the image of Busola came to mind again and I smiled “That girl na were oo, since when u and her sister fight na him she don follow me play” he replied wit a sign of rejection. “Maybe you are not giving her what she wants” “Wetin she want oo” He continued “Am even tired of her, that’s why I don’t want Yoruba girls at all” I laughed, Uche suspected something; at the thoughts of girls, my countenance always change “Why don’t you runs her” he asked. “Who?” I faked a frown “Busola na” “You will use her to spite her sister, collect her money” uche pointed out. “You are right, that is what I am going to do” I smiled. Uche is a smart man, but am I smarter. He laughed “I know say na wetin dey your mind be that, na you go kill yourself” he pushed me away and we both laughed until Mohammed came in.. ***************************************************************************** “Tunde, I will like to see you” “Ok” Mohammed has been giving me a cold shoulder ever since the incident with Yemisi and Bisola. “What happened the other day?” I went straight to the point, “Bisola saw yemisi and I kissing, she slapped Yemisi and left” I left the s*x part out. “Are you dating both of them?” “No oo my brother” I replied with a straight face “Then why are they fighting” “I don’t even understand, yemisi finds me attractive and seduced me, I didn’t know Bisola was also in love” “Girls” he sighed. It’s been Mohammed third month in Lagos, yet he didn’t know the ways of the world; if he does, he was not showing it. “What do you know about them?” I questioned him, he was hiding something. “There is this girl in our Mosque; I think I am in love with her” “What?”…………………………………………… ***************************************************************************** “Tunde, thank you for studying along with my daughter” she started. My boss was a nice woman; I hate to date both her daughters. “Busola said she want you to teach her every weekends” she continued. “No problem ma” I replied her. The face looking at me through the rear mirror was the face of a devil. “I am sending you to pick up some things needed in the store for me tomorrow” “Mum?” “Don’t worry, he won’t run away with our money, I trust him now”


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