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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 3

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“uchenna uchenna” the voice was shouting again, this time the voice was wearing a bum short that seems to accentuate the rest of her ugly body.

“And you talk say she ugly”

“She no fine reach my standard” I answered him off minded.

“Is she beautiful” I thought aloud

“Yes” Mohammed replied

We both turned our head towards him; it seems our friend is responding to hormones.

“’Uche, enter house I wan try something” uche did as he was told

“Uche, Uc…” she shut her mouth up when she noticed us

“Yes, can we help you?

“Am looking for the new houseboy” I replied as fast as possible, it seems she was expecting my question

“He is not a houseboy”

“Ok, please call him” it seems she is not interested in my argument.

“Let me get him for you” Mohammed offered.

Am going to kill that boy someday…………………..

The day ended with a good food in our stomach; a 6 by 6 spring bed and good ventilation. The kind of life uche and I have never tasted….


It was a fine Tuesday morning when we became friends; she was carrying some books with her to the book selves, she tripped and fell.

“Am sorry, are you ok?

“You are not the cause of my fall” she snapped. “But, thanks” she forced a smile.

“Well, I think I am, I was staring at you from behind” I smiled

“You’re mad, very rude boy”

“I had to take the blame for your fall” I replied politely

“Must you mention my ‘behind’?

“I was behind now na, what else will I look at?

“I don’t know for you oo” she replied and bend to gather the books

“Let me help you” I offered

“No thanks” she declined.

We packed the books off the floor together and arranged it on the shelf. I was about to take my live when she asked me a question;

“What kind of job are you doing for oga?

I smiled “Am her personal assistant, we stay together and eat together”

She was surprised and I decided to use the opportunity

“Any worker going on leave or travelling will have to consult me first, although we use POS (point of sale) but am also in charge of some monetary aspect of this business” I bragged on the things I cannot do.

“You are my oga niyen oo” she smiled

From that day afterwards we became friends, until she came to our house…


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