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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 2

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“I’ll take the senior, you take the aburo” I said with a smile

“You dey mad, why uno take the junior while I take the senior? Uche said with a frown

I replied angrily, “e be like say were de your head, ema wo oloriburuku yii oo, nobime give u d plan?

“I don turn your oloribuku abi?

“Just accept it like that” I smiled at him.

“What are you guys talking about? Mo’ asked. “It seems am being left out” he concluded

“Google it” I answered him.

‘Uche and I bust out laughing…………….

Chief Bankole was our boss, he is businessman who owns a fish farm, he is also into car dealership, his wife; Chief Mrs. Bolatito owns a retail outlet, more or less like shoprite, she employed me as a sales boy.

Busola and Bisola were the only daughters they had, they aged 16 and 18 respectively, and personally they cannot be considered as pretty girls but considering the circumstances, we have to accept them. Bisola was preparing for her A’ level examination, she helps her mum in shop sometimes. Busola was in her final year in senior secondary school, she seems to be the food type…….. Akpan (uchenna) was the houseboy and the kitchen seems to be his favorite place……………………..

There are many workers working for my boss, mostly girls and some man, but out the girls, only yemisi seems to be my age mate, although she was older with a few months.

“Can I help you? I heard a very nice voice from behind, I looked back, it was bisola; ugly girls do have nice voice.

Beaming out my best smile, “my name is Tunde Thomas, am your mum new personal assistant”

“Ok” she turned

“What’s your name?

“Why would you wanna know my name?

“Incase you don’t know, am gonna be staying at your place too, so it’s better if we get to know each other now” I returned to what I was doing.

“Am your boss first daughter”


“I guess today is your first day here, but please always address me with respect!” she said, her face looking more uglier

“Is that all?


I turned back to what I was doing, she opened her mouth to say something and then she turned and walks away.

A minute later, a very beautiful girl yemisi came to me

“Are you tunde?


“oga is calling you” she turned back to walk away

I called her “Yemisi”

She turned back and said “how did you know my name”

“It’s the will of God” I said turning towards our boss office

She was sitting down on a plastic chair in her mum’s office, she looked up and hissed

“eku ise ma” I greeted my boss

“tunde tunde tunde”

“How many times did I call you? She looked me straight in the eye

“3 times ma”

“Please respect my families; they are also your ‘oga’ here”

“Thanks ma”

“You can go now”

I decided to set my cards

“Bisola, am very sorry for my rudeness earlier, I hope you can forgive me”

She smiled, shaking her head “so you know my name”

“Sound waves tends to surprise me with beautiful names sometimes, your name has been on my frequency for a longtime”

“Am sorry” I concluded bowing my head slightly and headed for the door, I could see her surprised countenance.


“Can you drive? My boss asked

“No, I have no parent or family to teach me” I said with an actual sad voice

“Oh, I remember you told me you’re orphaned”

The journey home was uneventful…………………………..


“dat gal na very good girl, nice and stubborn”

“You get luck oo, d sister get pride no be small matter” I replied uchenna who seems to find the younger girl interesting.

“She told me to teach her igbo food”

“wetin you con tell her”

“I gree” he replied with a smile

“How much?

“Am not collecting any money from her”

“Are you mad? He seems to be crazy, we needed the money. “I know you are joking” I concluded with my fake smile. Igbo’s are known for there love for me, they would rather steal than beg!

“My friend, life is give and take, she will give me something when am through”

“sha don’t fall in love”

“Ok, but…”

“No but” I shut him up before he could proceed.

Mohammed came in afterwards; he was looking clean and composed as always. He seems to take his religion diligently, I cannot remember the last time I visit church.

“Aboki, how mosque na?

“Don’t insult my religion” he replied with his English

I smiled “ino say you go change one day”

“We shall see” I replied and left the room for his post. Our room was the security house by the main gate, we later joined him.


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