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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 16

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“baba, these ote na my recruit oo” Tunde said with a proud boys

“you don initate them?”

Before Tunde could answer the question, the two boy behind him were dragged forward and slapped by all the members.

“you are now men, omo boy take this benson and alomo, make sure u teach them for house, oya drop something” the boss offered him a a pack of cigarette and alomo bottle.

“ah baba, na your eye i dey look oo, as we dey now we no get tata for yanyan, singbain no dey hand” Tunde replied the boss, telling him they need something from him.

“Egbon, dropped something na”

The leader of the pack who was name suraj maraji gave him a hundred naira note.

“I might forfeit our friendship one day” Mohammed was clearly angry and he didnt hide it.

“Me too” Uche voiced out his anger too…

“we will need them one day…..” Tunde tried to explain the reason, but the two friends were too angry to listen. He refused to say sorry ….

***THE END***


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