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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 15

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The lady was carried to the room where all help was rendered by the crowd to restore her health.

“you see, you noise don make my precious baby faint”

“na wale impregnate your daughter; i heard them talking yesterday”

The crowd was dismissed on that final note and justina received the beating of her life…..

“christianah, are you alright” Tunde asked with concern..

“you no say i never chop, na him make me faint” the lady stood up and walked out of the room.

“i know you boys are sampling the girls, touch my daughter and see my red eye” the prophet stormed out of the room.

The tutorial was cancelled, Mohammed’s shop was the point of rendevous.

mohammed laughed when he listened to the tales…

“Tunde, uno say you don thief something from the prophet daughter; i will advise you to bring part of your load” Mohammed advised us

That night, we packed her major cloths and kept it in Mohammed shop.

“Tunde, where will we go if we are chased out of the house…?” Uche voiced out his fear Tunde was also thinking of the same thing and he has a plan already…..

“we will stay at the uncompleted building down the street”

“What of the omo onile?”

“their papa!, we go become their friend…

“Alaye packwell….”Tunde replied with irritation and ignored Uche…

christianah came to the room early in the morning, she called on Tunde…..

“Tunde, howfar na”

“babe watsup na” they exchange greetings..

Sensing she was sad, “christi follow me talk, wetin dey sup”

“i wan go greet my aunty for the weekend, and i dey miss una already”

The boy smiled and pushed her away;

“abeg no fall for us oo….na catarrh plus trophy”

“na 33 you go see”

They said their goodbyes and the lady left…..

That evening, the boys decided to go see some of their old padi in town, Tunde wore jean and polo, while the other friends wore chinos and sleeve shirts..

“i dont know why una still dey dress coporate” Tunde hissed..

“We will never join your lagos life……”

it was late when they came back, they saw four guys smoking weed around the corner of the street;

“shiii” they called on them,

“abi iya awon eleyi yawere ni?” a man presumed to be the leader cursed them..

Tunde walked towards the misfits, Uche pulled him

“where you dey go, ino want wahala oo” Uche spoke first

“lets go back, we will enter through the second gate”

“Just follow my lead” Tunde turned deaf ear

Tunde removed the polo shirt he wore and use his hand to roughen his hair;

“Baba howfar na, any tin for your boy.?” Tunde used a thug voice

“You dey mad?”

“Who be your papa?”

“Iyalaya(your grand parents) dey your village”

The question was too much for him;

“Baba, e kagbara sile na (take it slow)” Tunde replied him; he was enjoying himself

“Kode ni yen e (it won’t be well with you) ”

“Boys arrange this boys and give them thorough beating” the leader was furious

“Chairman, i be your boy na; maje oju aye (do not disappoint me)” Tunde was afraid, but he didn’t show it;

he could see his friends sweating beside him

“Who you be, who you sabi” they questioned him

“Baba, i sabi Mc for oshodi, ijaya for abule egba, madarikan for ikeja, oju oro for along” Tunde recite all the hoodlums name he learn while staying under bridge

The leader laughed and part Tunde in the back;

“Walahi, dis otti sabi sa” he gave Tunde the weed in his hand

“Baba tuale!” Tunde smoked the weed and sipped from the bottle of Alomo they were drinking..

“No more tuale jo” the leader replied him

“Bwate!” Some of the member hailed the boss

“Who are these ajebos wey dey behind ??


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