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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 13

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Thank you Sir” the lady walked away from the prophet. The prophet was alarmed; fifteen thousand naira cannot be shared by three beggars.

“Young woman, since you’re a youth, your alms should be given to young people like you” he said and walked away slowly.

“Thank you sir”

The lady did as she was told, she dipped her hands inside the bag and gave the money to the two young beggars.


“Bad mastermind, baddest guy alive” Uche was hailing the prophet who was smiling.

” you could apply for the post of assistant prophet in your church o”

“Chai! You were shouting as if you meant it” Mohammed concluded.

I laughed “I hope heaven forgives me” I thought aloud.

“Hell fire sure for every body Na”

The money was split into three, the Hausa born used the money in stocking his store. We all contribute money for foodstuffs since Mohammed shop was our food bus stop.

I brought out a suggestion to form a tutorial centre; “I’ll take physics and mathematics , uche will take biology and chemistry and Mohammed will take care of accounting and commerce”

The location for the tutorial was choose to be around our church premises.


” E sir”

” yes tunde” the prophet was eating amala with ogunfe

“Come and eat Amala” he offered out of courtesy.

I refuse the offer and told him our needy.

“That’s a good idea” he beamed.

” you guys can use a room in the boys quarter , you can also use the room as your room instead of sleeping in the church”

It was a dream come through….

“But on one condition, you will also teach my daughter at no cost”

“My daughter is staying with my first wife, I will ask her to come over”

The prophet has four to five wives according to tales, the present wife was brought a month before we joined them.

” I know your countenance is that of a player, if I catch you with her! I will kill u and sacrifice you to bring people into the church!” He barked.

I thanked him and walked away with two thoughts; kill, daughter and sacrifice……

” I guess our sojourn here will soon be over ”


The said daughter was light in completion, sophisticated and free in nature. We became friends at first sight; she was jovial and a good cook. The tutorial kicked off with 50naira per subject.

The students were nice both in cash and in body; even Mohammed joined the conquest.

Christiana; the prophet daughter was of great help, I grew fat within the two months of the tutorial, but she was bad at something.

She introduced uche and I to the life of alcohol; she always steal her fathers money for us to use in bars. We had s*x once during one of our drunk nights.

A few weeks before the exams, something happened….


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