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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 12

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The street was empty and narrow, two beggars sat at the extreme end of the street, their face shows anticipation of a certain thing they are expecting. A young lady holding her handbag possessively, in the hand bag was thirty thousand naira for the purchase of 0’level examination and runs….. Suddenly, a young preacher with the looks of prophet Jeroboam busts out from the corner down the street; he was shouting and sweating with a brownish-white garment cloth that reminds the world of the time of Jesus. “Repent, the end is near” “The messiah will be back like a thief at night” he preached the gospel in a loud throaty voice; every sentence was stamped with the sound of a bell. The sound brought out the people of the street out of their homes; it was unusual for such occurrence. “Do away with the things of the past” “Drop the things of the world and carry the cross” he continued. By the time he was few meters away from the lady coming down the street ..he start singing They met, but before the lady could walk pass him, the preacher start uttering and blabbing some foreign words…. “Oh thank you Jesus” “Young lady” he called out “Sir” she replied, facing him and hoping for a miracle “The spirit of God tell me that your time is here” he smiled at her and start speaking in tongue The lady smiled “continue sir” “The O’level examination you are about to do, it is settled” “Praise that lord” she jumped up and down and cried “You must have a 3days fasting and prayer and give alms to the poor” the prophet told her “i will do just that sir” she was beaming with smile now. The lady pick out a 200naira note from purse “Please use it to buy water sir” she offered. The prophet reject the money and turned around. But he suddenly look back , the lady was alarmed ” i see death on your way” “Ye! Moku oo” “Kneel down and let’s pray” After the prayer, he told her to give alms to the beggars you see on your way. “Give half of everything you have on you to the first beggar you meet after our meeting” he told her. “God is with u, i saw two beggars down the street, you can give them the money” he said and pointed to where he saw the two beggars. Alas! A new beggar has joined them. “Wtf??””


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